Resolved to Sustain COVID-Free Industrial Parks

9:56:53 AM | 12/10/2021

Since Vinh Phuc province adopted the "green zone" plan for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and socioeconomic development, many tenants in industrial parks have felt assured. Currently, they are grasping the so-called golden time of the last months of the year to speed up production, and maintain a safe "green zone" for pandemic prevention and business development to fulfill their highest possible goals.

As the first investor in Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park, after four years of operation, Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd has provided stable jobs for more than 260 employees and obtained average monthly revenue of nearly US$500,000. Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's import and export operations have been hindered since the beginning of the year but its quality-guaranteed products have found a foothold in the Vietnamese market and are used by many domestic companies. This has made an important contribution to boost its revenue to nearly VND60 billion in the first seven months of the year, 3 times higher than a year-ago period.

Mr. Kei Ogura, Director of Tsuchiya TSCO Co. Ltd, said, “To work safely and complete the plan amid the pandemic outbreak, it is most important to effectively fight the pandemic and protect workers’ health. To follow instructions provided by the government of Vietnam and Vinh Phuc province, Tsuchiya TSCO has regularly disinfected the campus; established COVID-19 teams across the company; arranged mealtime spacing and partitioned dining tables; requested all foreign experts and workers to stay in Vinh Phuc province, wear facemasks and measure body temperature. In particular, on September 9, 80 employees were vaccinated against COVID-19. We are very pleased and grateful to Vinh Phuc province for its interest and support for employee vaccinations because they are protected against the disease. We will feel more assured to speed up business strategies in the last months of the year.”

Also in Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park, wholly Japanese-invested DAIWA Plastics Thang Long Co., Ltd has encountered numerous difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first nine months of the year, the company's revenue shrank and met only 40-60% of the plan. To boost business performance and establish and maintain the "green zone", the company has always seriously followed regulations on disease prevention and control of Vinh Phuc province; worked in three shifts; actively developed pandemic response plans to cope with all possible pandemic situations to ensure production safety and health for workers. Especially, the company has strictly complied with all pandemic prevention regulations of Vinh Phuc since July 24 when Hanoi City applied social distancing. Over 100 foreign workers, most of whom are living in Hanoi, stayed in Vinh Phuc and 50 of them stayed to work at the company. Despite facing many difficulties, the company always took good care of employees.

To avoid supply disruption and ensure production safety, Lavitec Technology Joint Stock Company (located in Khai Quang Industrial Park) has strictly followed the directions of the government of Vietnam and Vinh Phuc province and established safe "green zones" for pandemic prevention and control. At the same time, the company has flexibly revised and rearranged production lines to match practical situations; actively sought supply sources for production; introduced prestigious Lavitec antiseptics branded ALFASEPT to the market, including hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers, air sanitizers and disinfecting tools.

Resolved to maintain safe "green zones" amid the pandemic outbreak, in the last months of the year, Lavitec will strictly comply with pandemic prevention and control regulations, work out factory-inside working plans which require all employees to respect the "5K" principle, install Bluezone and other medical declaration applications on their smartphones to promptly capture information about the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will actively search for new supply sources to quickly meet market needs. Last but not least, the firm will boost the second factory that produces wound care products, medicines and cosmetics for human health.

By Nguyet Tham, Vietnam Business Forum