Bac Ninh College of Industry Productive “Dual Training“ Model

8:17:21 AM | 4/6/2022

In recent years, Bac Ninh College of Industry has made great efforts to carry out the task of training highly skilled human resources to effectively serve the province's socio-economic development, meeting the labor needs of industrial parks in the province and other localities in the country.

Being creative, improving the quality of learning and practice

Bac Ninh is now a strongly developed province in the fields of industrial production, so the demand for highly skilled human resources is very large. To serve development as well as to meet the needs of businesses, Bac Ninh College of Industry has continuously researched and innovated teaching and learning methods associated with practice and international cooperation. At the same time, it has opened new training professions, in line with the socio-economic development orientation of the province in particular and the country in general.

One of the bright spots in the College's training activities is the coordination with large enterprises inside and outside the province to implement the "Dual training" model, closely linking learning and practicing, as well as equipping students and pupils with many soft skills to adapt to the modern industrial working environment.

The "dual training" model has helped businesses participate in the training process, facilitating the recruitment of quality human resources; at the same time, it has helped the College to improve the quality of training and also created opportunities for students to have jobs right after graduation. The skill levels of the College's students and pupils have become higher, earning businesses’ trust for recruiting with the employment rate of students after graduation at more than 95%.

With the effect brought to the College, businesses and society, this model has attracted many large enterprises to participate such as Canon Vietnam Co., Ltd - Tien Du Branch; Samsung Display Vietnam Co., Ltd in Yen Phong; and JAT Auto Parts and Industry Equipment Production Joint Stock Company.

In the school year 2021-2022, the College has enrolled 786 students, bringing the total number of students and pupils in the whole school to 2,186. In addition to the current professions, the College also provides training to a number of new professions such as E-commerce; training in metal cutting according to German standards.

In the context of being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the College has implemented many innovative activities in enrollment, in accordance with the new situation. With the goal of both preventing and combating the pandemic, while ensuring the progress and training time for students and pupils, the plan of organizing teaching and learning activities has been flexibly changed by the College; theoretical lessons will be learned online, while practical lessons will be directly attended by students.

 “People are the most important factor…”

Determining "People are the most important factor which is decisive for the quality of training and the success of the school", so the Board of Management of Bac Ninh College of Industry always focuses on fostering and improving the quality of staff and lecturers.

Over the years, with positive solutions, the College has gradually improved the professional qualifications and pedagogical capacity of the staff. The staff members have also been regularly trained and given practical experience at the enterprises to promptly update and improve knowledge and new skills for teaching. In addition, the College has also invited engineers and experts to participate in the teaching and guidance process, ensuring the best quality for students' practical learning and practice. These have contributed to improving the quality of vocational training of the school.

For final year students who need to practice regularly, the College has developed a plan to coordinate with businesses to organize internships according to the "3 on-site" model (studying, eating and resting) right at the school. Under the support, supervision and guidance of technicians from enterprises, teachers and students have the opportunity to practice in many professions, such as machine manufacturing, mechanical design, mechatronics, industrial electronics and automation. This is a breakthrough innovation in the organization of teaching and learning activities by the College this school year.

Aiming to become a high-quality vocational training school by 2025

Promoting the achievements, in the coming time, the College will actively plan and organize "dual training" activities, and complete the development of training programs according to vocational education innovation associated with employers. It will maintain and increase the scale of formal training, especially at the College level. It will strengthen facilities, foster and develop the quality of lecturers and administrators according to the roadmap of the High-Quality School Project. The College will update new technologies, continuing to strongly digitalize major activities of the school, effectively organize research activities and science application in teaching, production practice, and technical services. It will promote production linkages at high-tech centers, automobile and electrical - electronic workshops.

It will continue to implement the step-by-step roadmap for Bac Ninh College of Industry to become a high-quality school before 2025. In the next period, it will strive to build the school into a training school with high-quality human resources, multi-disciplinary and multi-field, with an orientation towards international integration, becoming a prestigious and high-quality vocational education institution in the ASEAN region.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum