Tra Cu District Actively Supporting Business Development

11:42:58 AM | 4/26/2022

“Tra Vinh, the very land I love
 Tra Cu, Cau Ngang leaning towards the sunset…”
Being likened to a “raw pearl that needs to be polished”, Tra Cu district is getting a better facelift day by day, boosted by many new economic models and confident integration.

Mr. Le Thanh Binh, Chairman of Tra Cu District People's Committee

Noteworthy points

Inhabited by many Khmer people, Tra Cu always follows Party guidelines and State policies and laws on inclusive development, especially in places where the Khmer live. In 2021, the first year to implement the Resolution of the 12th Tra Cu Party Congress; the Resolution of the Tra Cu People's Council on 5-year socioeconomic development tasks from 2021 to 2025, the district always actively grasped and adhered to the working principle of the Tra Vinh Provincial Party Committee of “Solidarity, Discipline, Action, Creativity, Innovation and Development” and the dual goals of safe and flexible adaptation, effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic and socioeconomic recovery and development”.

Mr. Le Thanh Binh, Chairman of Tra Cu District People's Committee, said: “While aiming for its goals, Tra Cu always strives to realize the dual goals of economic development and pandemic prevention, with the most important being human health and life, to effect production, business and livelihoods of people.”

Thanks to its initiatives and determination, in 2021, the district achieved many positive development results. Tra Cu achieved or exceeded 28 out of 34 development indicators and witnessed six unsuccessful targets due to objective reasons although the performance was better than the previous year. Total production value reached VND10,382 billion, equal to 88.68% of the full-year plan and up 2.11% year on year. The investment fund reached VND2,750 billion, an increase of VND160 billion from a year earlier, fulfilling 80.88% of the yearly plan. Per capita income was VND49 million, an increase of VND3.5 million. The National Target Program on New Rural Development produced many very important results. In 2021, the district had three more communes certified to meet new rural development standards and two communes certified to achieve advanced standards, bringing the total certified communes to 12 out of 15 communes or 80% of the total. At the same time, it also accomplished six out of nine new rural development criteria. 11 products were recognized as OCOP products.

Supporting businesses for joint development

Determined to build Tra Cu into a comprehensively developed district, in 2022, it worked out 34 fundamental targets to be completed. It expected to raise the income per capita to VND53 million, increase the investment fund to VND3,570 billion, have three more communes certified to meet the new rural development standards and one more commune certified to fulfill the advanced rural development standards, reduce the poverty rate to 1.86% according to the multidimensional approach, of which Khmer poverty rate will be lowered to 1.84% (compared to total Khmer households), maintain political stability, social order and safety, and lift the competitiveness index on administrative reform.

Chairman Binh said that it is impossible to leave resources and potential untapped or unprocessed, so Tra Cu will make the most of the advantages of them to achieve breakthrough outcomes. Accordingly, the District People's Committee proposed many solutions suitable for local situations, with priority given to disease prevention and control in the dual goal of “safe flexible adaptation to, effective control of COVID-19 pandemic and socioeconomic recovery and development”. Specifically, in the 2020-2025 term, the district picked up two focused tasks and one breakthrough task. It has focused on restructuring agriculture and accelerating scientific and technological application to production, building many OCOP products; and upgrading the quality of new rural development criteria and make all communes certified to meet those criteria by 2023, with seven communes recognized to fulfill advanced rural development standards and one commune to be made an exemplary model for others to follow. Besides, Tra Cu will endeavor to complete the breakthrough task of developing aquaculture and commercial fishing.

Furthermore, to support businesses, Tra Cu will effectively mobilize social resources and prioritize budget allocation for key tasks and promptly remove difficulties for businesses. In particular, it will concentrate on attracting investors to build infrastructure for three industrial complexes: Ap Cho and Xoa Lo industrial complexes in Luu Nghiep Anh commune and An Quang Huu Industrial Complex, and start construction on Ham Tan Port. At the same time, it will strengthen investment promotion to woo investors to invest in infrastructure in Dinh An Economic Zone; develop industrial and handicraft production in Hau riverside communes along Provincial Road 915; and develop tourism - an important economic sector of the district.

“The role of investors and businesses is very important to Tra Cu development. Therefore, more than ever, local leaders expect governments at all levels and businesses to actively work together to turn development potential and opportunities into reality as soon as possible. During the development process, we always highly value capable investors; pledge to support and facilitate them to do business; and uphold the motto of sharing potential for mutual development,” he noted.

By Vietnam Business Forum