Sao Mai Super Feed – Golden Card to Raise Pangasius Quality

10:08:20 AM | 5/6/2022

After more than five years in the fish feed industry, Sao Mai Super Feed has quickly occupied the market as its products are highly appreciated by customers for their quality and reasonable price.

Sao Mai Super Feed is a bright star in the fish feed market, trusted by pangasius farmers across the country for superior advantages in sensory, color, taste, and beautiful glossiness of feed pellets, with no banned substances. Thus, fish grow well with a low FCR ratio (feed conversion ratio). Farmers can then actively control the highest quality of commercial pangasius to processing factories to meet strict export standards of the international market amid the difficult post-Covid context.

The most modern Sao Mai fish feed processing factory in Asia

Upping seafood class in the world market

After the epidemic, Vietnam's pangasius industry has good opportunities to recover and develop strongly. The demand for pangasius products in many markets has also increased significantly while Vietnamese companies have the advantage of boosting exports as the country entered into free trade agreements with many countries and partners around the world. The price of raw pangasius has picked up by VND3,000-4,000 from the start of the year to VND32,000-35,000 per kilo. The rising price has stimulated farmers and businesses to invest in pangasius production and consumption development in 2022.

 Farmers are visiting the feed factory

Indeed, the bigger you do, the more careful action you must take. When the demand for imported pangasius products climbs strongly in major markets such as the EU and the US, strict quality requirements and technical barriers from these markets are also higher, forcing the pangasius industry to make efforts to meet. Therefore, constantly improving product quality, specially food safety, no banned substances, and eradicating antibiotic residues is a matter of survival for Vietnamese pangasius fillets on the path to sustainable development and to success in fierce international markets.

The product is highly appreciated and trusted by customers

In wet rice farming, the most important factor is water, the second is fertilization, the third is labor and the last is seeding. In fish farming, the most important element is feed and the second is good seeding. Indeed, in the pangasius value chain, feed is considered an extremely important factor that determines growth and fish quality and facilitates the success of Vietnam's seafood industry. Therefore, farming households must pay special attention to choosing the right, reputable and premium feed brands to grow healthy, productive fish stocks when harvested.

Sao Mai Super Feed "lifts" exported pangasius quality

With its intensive experience with aquaculture farmers and in pangasius farming, Sao Mai Super Feed has always strived to bring premium feed products to farmers to become the best choice for them. The company has constantly studied and applied scientific and technological advances to create many superior products, increase farming efficiency and improve commercial pangasius value to enable the king of Mekong fish to swim across the rough sea to reach more daily meals for families and luxury restaurants in foreign countries.

Sao Mai Super Feed is a secret to wealth for farmers

With outstanding advantages, Sao Mai Super Feed is rich in essential nutrients that improve fish health against diseases and reduce input costs with a low FCR ratio. In addition, its feeds are made from high-class ingredients, strictly imposed production processes, and based on production formulas that satisfy international standards such as HACCP, ISO, GLOBAL and ASC to help fish boost resistance to diseases, gain weight quickly and evenly to have high fillet ratio and achieve optimal profitability.

In addition to good feed quality and competitive prices, to help farmers overcome production barriers, Sao Mai Super Feed has developed agents along the value chain, including Feed - Breed - farming - Technical support, to enable farmers to pursue inclusive farming and achieve sustainable success.

Sao Mai Super Feed employees are training fish care techniques for farmers

Despite joining the fish feed market for a short time, Sao Mai Super Feed products have been present in most pangasius farming areas across the country. In 2021, Sao Mai Super Feed manufactured 114,000 tons of fish feed to become a Top 3 largest producers by the market share in Vietnam. Sao Mai Super Feed is a golden key to raise pangasius quality, empower farmers with a sustainable foundation, and create real values to address all challenges and enable success for the “billion-dollar” fishery.

By Tan Hung, Vietnam Business Forum