The Essence of That Son Water Fountain

9:56:48 AM | 6/17/2022

That Son is famous for its seven towering peaks on a large carpet of land in Tri Ton and Tinh Bien districts, An Giang province, southwest of Vietnam. Here, the landscape is gorgeous in all four seasons, with magical clouds flying around mountainsides. At dawn, fogs roll up to their peaks in a tranquil scenery where any earthly things seem to be washed away.

Stream currents flow intensely, billowing in the rainy season

Water story

Despite living in such a beautiful nature, residents struggle to live through prolonged droughts and curvy streams that bring in clear, cool water is considered vital but temporary salvation. Taking advantage of the tropical monsoon climate, they cleverly change the terrain to create lovely giant lakes to store water. Unlike the dry season, spring water flows more intensely in the rainy season, downpouring from clear and cool upstream to downstream where residents are longing for fresh water.

Otuksa, O Da, Thanh Long, O Ta Soc, Ta Lot, Vang and Bac streams are interconnected with bigger brooks with romantic lakes. Typically, Otuksa Stream has a calm, gentle flow that originates from Thuy Liem Dong, then accelerates strongly over rapids and falls before running into Otuksa Lake.

The campus of Anhao natural drinking water factory

Windfall water silently nourishes people here, from generation to generation. Rains hose down dry fields and sunburnt grass. Lakes are only full in the rainy season and dry up at the peak of drought for months. It is extremely difficult to find a source of drinking water. Therefore, in the long run, there is a need to have a complete solution to drinking water.

Legend has it that the “Cao Bien rules” stele is installed in the back of Bong Lai Pagoda, depicting the way ancient Chinese people guard the vein of the dragon in That Son. Combining historical factors and geographical findings in ancient books ignites the belief that “That Son Water Fountain" needs to be opened.

This legend prompted geologists to roll up their sleeves to explore water sources for the construction of An Hao Solar Park - a new technological trend that lights up the borderland. Then, the production scale is expanded to bring bottled water to consumers.

What minerals are found in That Son "water fountain"?

Miracles were found in scientific analyses of water samples, processed by specialized technical methods that compare the number of radioactive isotopes in relation to the autochthonous radioactive decay process. This spring of mineral water contains a high content of minerals and other natural compounds like magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate, sodium, sulfate, chloride and fluoride. These minerals form cell structure, balance fluids, maintain tooth, bone and muscular development and support nervous functions.

Drinking a glass of natural mineral water right after a long sleep helps the body reduce acid levels in the stomach, prevent kidney stones, improve metabolism, and strengthen the immune system. Adding enough water helps purify the body, relieve pressure and increase fresh energy for better study and work.

Water is vital to life, nourishing a healthy body

A recent study found that calcium from this mineral water is comparable to (and possibly even better than) dairy products. Therefore, drinking mineral water regularly is the best way to keep oral health such as cleaning the oral cavity, digesting food and neutralizing acids from food. Drinking water contains an appropriate amount of fluoride as well which helps prevent tooth decay and strengthen teeth because of additional fluoride for enamel remineralization.

“An Hao natural drinking water” production factory, a component of An Hao Solar Park, is furnished with equipment imported from Europe, applied with the QCVN 6-2:2010/BYT quality management system. The product is rigorously researched, analyzed and censored by the Pasteur Institute for excellent health criteria.

The closed production line ensures quality in each product

An Hao natural drinking water is tapped at a depth of more than 300m in the mountain, invisibly filtered by a rare "natural filter" to make water not only achieves optimal purity but also absorb mineral salts and other trace elements. This sifting process lasts for hundreds of years, sometimes even millennia.

With a super beautiful bottle design on a blue background, it brings a feeling of freshness and refreshment every time you touch "An Hao natural drinking water". The quality of each product is the most important factor that makes the brand name besides the eye-catching design and environmentally friendly materials, showing that the producer wants to bring the most perfect product to consumers.

"Water" and "electricity" are now fully present to serve the increasingly progressive "green lifestyle" of mountain people. An Hao natural mineral water, with its very unique taste, will bring great benefits to consumer health.

By Lam Ngo, Vietnam Business Forum