Nutrition Solutions for Strong Fish

9:29:40 AM | 6/30/2022

Although pangasius prices are currently high, many fish farmers in Mekong Delta provinces admit that the "joy is not full" because climate change, severe and prolonged droughts and salinity are changing the environment and adversely spoil the health of farmed fish. Subsequently, a lot of pathogens appear and kill fish en masse while farmers fall into double difficulty.

Fortunately, with innovative inventions of Sao Mai Super Feed-branded fish feed manufactured on three pillars of natural defense shield; immunity support and optimized balance of fish, environment and microflora, Sao Mai Super Feed helps farmers find ways to raise strong fish and have successful farming.

Pangasius farming, challenges from climate change

Current weather in the Mekong Delta provinces is very complicated and unpredictable. In the rainy season, some places have no rain at all while sunshine is intense and outdoor temperature sometimes reaches 35-40 degrees Celsius. In the dry season, it rains so heavily. Fish cannot adapt to strong intraday weather changes and die en bloc.

According to the Department of Animal Health under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, the suitable temperature for pangasius is from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. However, harsh climate impacts spoil this ideal condition and cause many diseases in fish. Vinh Long, An Giang and Dong Thap provinces have witnessed 20 ha of pangasius farms suffering from liver and kidney diseases, hemorrhage and parasitic diseases since early 2022.

Extraordinary weather kills fish

Associate professor, Dr. Le Thanh Hung, lecturer at the University of Agriculture and Forestry of Ho Chi Minh City, said, “In order to survive from pangasius disease contagion, besides good water environment management, it is essential to eliminate factors that carry pathogens. Specially, farmers need to improve the resistance of fish with feeds rich in vitamin C and amino acids that boost recovery of kidneys, spleen, organs, and liver and increase blood pigment density to enhance their immune system. It is advisable to choose feeds manufactured by industry leaders with modern technologies.”

Sao Mai Super Feed - the secret to strong fish

Having been active in the Vietnamese aqua feed industry for more than five years, Sao Mai Super Feed always strives to make effective, premium feeds for farmers and deserves to be their "smart choice". Recommended by top-notch aquatic feed nutritionists in Vietnam and endeavored by professional engineers, Sao Mai Super Feed has successfully researched and launched many preeminent products for pangasius, basa fish, snakehead fish, chitala, tilapia, red tilapia, grass carp, common carp and climbing perch.

Sao Mai Super Feed, a companion with farmers

Sao Mai Super Feed products are manufactured from a special formula, added with digestive enzymes, vitamins A, C, D, K, amino acids and other ingredients to boost fish resistance, support fish digestion and prevent intestinal diseases.

In addition, Sao Mai aquafeed has a protein content of over 43% in all product lines for different fish development stages. Protein is provided from premium ingredients, imported from Peru and Chile, to fully supplement nutrients for fish growth with a low FCR ratio. In particular, pellets are featured characteristic aroma, good plasticity and solubility and are not easily broken in feeding. Farmers can easily monitor and check residual feeds in the pond.

Sao Mai aquafeeds make fish strong and grow fast

Nutrition is an important key to fish growth and development, but farmers often forget it until the disease appears. Treatment is usually lowly effective.

For this reason, farmers should prevent risk exposure to their fishponds, and actively provide appropriate "nutrition" for fish every day to feel assured even in the context of unpredictable environmental changes. These are nutritional solutions introduced by Sao Mai Super Feed to farmers with the hope that they can well apply to have healthy, fast-growing fish at an optimal cost.

Tan Hung, Vietnam Business Forum