13 Mln Customs Declarations Processed Annually

9:37:40 AM | 7/12/2022

Boosted by strong IT applications in administration, the customs sector has carried out customs procedures quickly and conveniently for the business community, estimated at 13 million declarations a year. In addition to robust IT application in customs operations, the General Department of Vietnam Customs also drastically applied IT to internal administration and achieved high efficiency.

Every year, the customs sector receives and processes 13 million customs declarations.

"With such a workload, emerging problems are unavoidable, resulting in many inquiries from importers and exporters," said the General Department.

To manage a huge volume of incoming and outgoing customs-related documents and conduct internet-based internal administration, the General Department launched the E.Doc system linked to the Ministry of Finance, to three levels of customs management (General Department - Customs Department - Customs Sub-department) to administer incoming and outgoing documents, reduce documents, and improve the timeliness in document delivery to and from customs officers throughout the country.

On the other hand, the General Department has also applied wide-ranging IT applications to all aspects of customs operations. Specifically, the agency has focused on comprehensive IT applications in all professional aspects such as customs management and supervision, import and export duty collection management, taxable price management, risk management, post-clearance check, investigation, and anti-smuggling and violation handling. The above IT systems are producing positive effects on state customs management.

By Le Hien, Vietnam Business Forum