Secoin Affirming Leadership in Unburned Building Material Industry

10:23:57 AM | 10/11/2022

After 33 years of development (1989 - 2022), Secoin has affirmed its leadership in manufacturing artistic bricks in Southeast Asia. Not only making Vietnam a bright spot on the world map of high-grade cement tile production, Secoin has also created a "Vietnam Value" and helped further honor and put a shine on "made-in-Vietnam" quintessential artistic products on the world market.

Emphasis on individuality, quality, and aesthetics

Secoin is one of the first limited liability companies in Vietnam, established in 1989. With the strategy of "Going global to tap domestic potential", Secoin has sent its employees abroad, especially to Russia and Eastern Europe, to set up companies to acquire capital and knowledge. In 1993, Secoin began to focus on the domestic market by acting as a representative and bringing advanced machinery, equipment and technology from 25 foreign firms into Vietnam. As a pioneer in the unburned building materials industry in Vietnam, in less than 10 years, Secoin successfully transferred technology and provided equipment for the production of unburned building materials to more than 50 factories across the country.

1996 marked an important milestone when Secoin started its manufacturing by opening the first autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) block factory in Van Dien, Hanoi. Two years later at Secoin Cau Dien Factory, Hanoi (now Secoin Hanoi Factory), the first terrazzo tiles manufactured by Italian technology were officially launched onto the market and only one year later, Terrazzo Secoin tiles were exported to Japan and selected for paving main streets in Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam. Integrated with many outstanding advantages (high applicability, design diversity, high strength and wear resistance, ease of use and maintenance), this tile lineup has now been widely used throughout 63 provinces and cities nationwide and is highly appreciated by consumers. Besides Terrazzo tiles, Secoin is also the first to bring colored tiles made by Japanese wet pressing technology to the market and the "conservator of traditional cement bricks" - Vietnam's oldest cement flooring tiles since 1910. Over the past 110 years, from the Brossard et Mopin brand to Thanh Danh and now Secoin, it has become a symbol of traditional cement flooring tiles that are well received by the whole world.

Secoin's later products such as cement blocks, artistic outdoor tiles, ventilation blocks and artistic concrete blocks, featuring the "ever-innovative" criterion, have made bold impressions on domestic and international markets. The Secoin system itself is also constantly growing with eight member companies, three showrooms and nine factories in Hanoi, Hung Yen, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau and roughly 400 agents nationwide. The company's products not only beautify major works and projects across the country, but are also exported to 60 countries all over the world. Under the skillful hands of talented artisans, each Vietnamese cement tile contains a unique artistic value and enables the Secoin brand to win the whole heart of foreign customers.

Always upholding the uniqueness and novelty in each product, Secoin has cooperated with famous designers in the world (e.g. from the United States and Europe) to create their own exclusive collections. At the same time, the firm has joined hands with the world-leading gemstone group Swarovski to develop a line of Secoin handmade tiles combined with precious stones. Along with its commitment to making environment-friendly, climate-protecting and regenerative premium products, Secoin has quickly met global business standards with its efforts to make intensive investments in human resources and modern technological equipment; introduce a "Sustainable product development" policy; build a quality management system, apply a modern management system from production to business; assess social responsibility; assess the working environment, occupational safety and benefits for employees; and evaluate environmentally friendly products. Currently, Secoin is the only company in Vietnam to sign a consulting contract with Panasonic ESBCT Institute of Education and Training (Japan) to deploy and apply the Monozukuri lean management system at Secoin system and modern management tools such as ISO-9001:2015, Kaizen and 5S. Especially since 2014, Secoin has also joined global supply chains and become a link in the supply chain of Adeo Group (France). In 2021, facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply chain launched the "Positive Products" program for Secoin and other participating companies to build a sustainable product manufacturing system in a positive direction.

These efforts partly show Secoin's resolve to apply the world's most modern and professional management tools and skills to its factories, including production processes powered by automatic equipment as well as Vietnamese traditional handmade tiles. The core value of the Secoin brand rests in high-class artistic tiles and bricks created by the crystallization of knowledge, technology, history and culture, close to nature, friendly to the environment and in harmony with consumers' interests. This very crystallization helps Secoin selectively bring the world's preeminent technologies to Vietnam and launch Vietnam's quintessential artistic products to global upmarket segments.

Expanding strategic cooperation with major real estate investors

Mr. Dinh Hong Ky, Chairman and CEO of Secoin, said, after a tough time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Secoin has gradually recovered since the beginning of 2022 and kept its good growth momentum. Especially when the pandemic raged and export turnover decreased, Secoin managed to find its own way by promoting domestic market development and balancing domestic and export markets. Accordingly, Secoin focused on large domestic projects and potential real estate partners to establish a long-term strategic partnership. Notable are strategic cooperations with leading domestic real estate corporations such as Novaland, Nam Long, Khang Dien and Phat Dat. The expansion of strategic cooperation with major real estate investors is of great concern for Secoin during the economic recovery phase, expected to help the company effectively utilize its internal strengths and affirm its brand in the market and ensure stable output consumption.

Secoin has invested in expanding its fields of activity to create an inclusive ecosystem to supply projects in Vietnam and in the world since 2021. The firm has engaged in Japanese-styled design, architectural and landscape planning and onsen techniques, aesthetic mechanical architecture for construction projects built with world-class designs and standards.

 2022 remains a difficult year for the global economy. However, the Secoin system will continue to grow and expand with new factories and new products. From now to 2025, Secoin will focus on producing high-end artistic building materials products with novel and unique elements toward the circular economy. That is also a way for Secoin to maintain and increasingly affirm its global leadership in producing environmentally friendly artistic unburned building materials.

Box: In recognition of its tireless contribution, Secoin has repeatedly received the “Vietnam Value” title since 2016 and has been awarded many certificates of appreciation and noble titles from the Prime Minister, central and local authorities and agencies.

In addition to various awards and certificates of merit from 2013 to 2021, in the 1989 - 2012 period, Secoin was honored with many domestic and international awards such as Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister, and Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Construction, the People's Committees of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hung Yen, Binh Duong and other localities. Other of its reputable awards include Vietnam Gold Star Award, Thang Long Young Entrepreneur Award as well as a lot of gold cups and gold medals for high-quality products and services.

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