TH Group Named Top 10 Green Brands 2022

10:46:51 AM | 11/1/2022

TH Group was recently honored as one of the Top 10 Green Brands 2022 for its sustainability strategy and green growth efforts. This trophy is part of the “Vietnam's Strong Brands" Program launched by Vietnam Economic Times - VnEconomy.

Explaining the reason for naming TH a Top 10 Green Brand, VnEconomy stated: “Over the years, TH Group has made a strong impression on the business community as well as millions of Vietnamese customers as it has always been a trailblazer in developing green and sustainable agriculture in Vietnam. TH is also the first to adopt organic farming to produce organic fresh milk of European standards. The firm takes the lead in applying and offering eco-friendly consumer solutions such as renewable materials and energy.”

Consistent with the “Treasuring Mother Earth” philosophy

TH understands that applying high-tech science and advanced management science is not to exhaust resources or replace the power of nature, but to promote production while taking better care of nature to serve people better.

Since its inception, "Completely from nature" and "Environmentally friendly - Innovative thinking" are two of five core values that TH Group has consistently pursued. TH's investment projects focus on applying high technology, combining technology and management science to create better products for consumer health. Up to now, the group has launched more than 130 fresh and organic products such as TH true MILK fresh milk, TH true NUT milk, TH true HERBAL tea and TH true WATER.

Sustainability strategy with six pillars

TH always sees sustainability as a "guideline" for all production and business activities, with six pillars of sustainability based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Nutrition & Health, Environment, People, Education, Community and Animal Welfare.

Among the six pillars, specially the environment, TH carries out a series of practical actions to minimize adverse impacts on nature, notably by increasing renewable energy production, protecting water resources and protecting natural resources and a range of sustainable production and consumption solutions.

A typical example is its exploitation of heat and sunlight of hot Nghia Dan (Nghe An) to produce green solar energy, which both improves production and business efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions to protect the environment. Currently, electricity from the solar panel system has met most of the electricity demand at TH's farms and factories, and has been connected to the national grid.

TH is also an innovative founder of major organizations in Vietnam seeking to reduce plastic waste, such as Vietnam Packaging Recycling Organization (PRO Vietnam), Vietnam Business Alliance for the Environment (VB4E), Retailers Alliance for Reduced Consumption of Disposable Plastic Bags.

Besides, TH persistently carries out environmental protection with detailed and specific solutions like ending use of disposable plastic bags throughout the TH true mart system, replacing plastic bags with bio-plastic alternatives; encouraging customers to use sustainable canvas bags; using yogurt spoons made from biological materials; reducing by 50% disposable spoons provided with TH true YOGURT products; removing plastic shrink films for 350ml TH true WATER bottle caps; and sponsoring a survey project for coral conservation in Cat Ba National Park (Hai Phong).

Economic revolution under the forest, preserving herbal essence

Living a healthy life with “prevention is better than cure” approach is an increasingly popular trend, resulting in an 8-10% annual growth of the world pharmaceutical market. Meanwhile, the world is using up to 80% of synthetic chemical products and only 20% is extracted from nature.

With the desire to protect the forest and develop forest values, TH has chosen to follow the niche market with only 20% of it in order to shape and change consumer habits towards a healthier approach.

Madam Thai Huong, Founder and Chairwoman of the Strategy Council of TH Group, once said at a scientific workshop on “Business ethics and Vietnamese business culture in a new context” that “I think that protecting nature, including forests and seas, is a key factor for Vietnamese businesses to make a breakthrough.”

“TH creates a business revolution under the forest canopy: Gathering natural herbs and growing them organically under the forest canopy, creating favorable conditions for economic development, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation for people.”

To achieve that goal, TH is strongly conserving and developing indigenous medicinal plants of Vietnam in many localities across the country, starting with Muong Long in Ky Son district, Nghe An province. Recently, the group launched a set of TH true HERBAL tea bags made from natural medicinal sources combined with knowledge of the nation's traditional medicine treasure in line with the group’s "Completely from nature” approach.

This year, for the first time, the Vietnam Strong Brands Program (organized by VnEconomy) grants Top 10 Green Brands to businesses with the most positive and effective solutions to "green" the economy. Besides TH, other Top 10 Green Brands 2022 include HD Bank, PetroVietnam Fertilizer & Chemicals Corporation, The Green Solutions, TBS Group and Baoviet Holdings.

By Vietnam Business Forum