Safe Tourist Destination, Full Experience

11:12:45 AM | 1/3/2023

In 2022, Hoa Binh tourism sector made an impressive recovery after a long period of downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Right from the beginning of the year, the province launched many consistent solutions, especially upgraded infrastructure, developed products and services, and boosted tourism promotion. Ms. Bui Thi Niem, Director of Hoa Binh Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, gives an interview to Vietnam Business Forum on this issue.

Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant

As a potential sector important to the socioeconomic development strategy, what solutions will Hoa Binh province continue to implement to boost the effect of the tourism development project and speed up tourism development?

Hoa Binh province's tourism development project for the 2021-2025 period, with a vision to 2030, was issued by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee in Decision 1795/QD-UBND dated August 20, 2021. This important project aimed to improve administration performance and attract investment funds for tourism development.

The project’s main development objectives include maximizing advantages, turning tourism into a spearhead economic sector, building Hoa Binh into an attractive destination with typical tourism products and a major tourism center of the Northern Midlands and Mountains region; focusing on tourism development planning; prioritizing investment for tourism infrastructure specified in Master Plans for Hoa Binh Lake National Tourist Area, Mai Chau Tourist Area and potential localities; developing sustainable tourism; focusing on developing tourism products like resort, medical tourism, cultural tourism, eco-tourism, sporting tourism and community tourism; and focus on tapping tourism demand in Hanoi while expanding domestic and international markets.

To achieve the above objectives, the province set out the following groups of tasks and solutions:

First, fostering communications and raising awareness of all levels, sectors, mass organizations and people of the importance of tourism development to socioeconomic development; disseminating regulations as well as effectively implementing action plans, resolutions, master plans, detailed plans and schemes for tourism development of central and local governments.

Second, strengthening state tourism management; accelerating implementation of approved plans; making master and detailed tourism development plans; licensing and managing investment projects after being licensed; promptly solving problems for enterprises in project implementation.

Third, investing in building technical tourism infrastructure; mobilizing resources for infrastructure investment such as traffic networks, tourist ports, electricity, water and telecommunications systems; fostering socialization, attracting large, well-branded corporations to invest in tourism development.

Fourth, developing and implementing master plans, detailed plans and schemes on tourism development; promulgating specific policies to create a legal basis to support investment in tourism product development and human resource training.

Fifth, developing the market and improving the quality of tourism products; stepping up exploitation and expansion of the domestic tourist market; focusing on effectively tapping traditional international tourist markets like France, South Korea, Japan and Australia; prioritizing and supporting the development of eco-tourism, cultural, community and resort tourism products; and developing tourism products with local advantages such as golf, mountain bike racing, paragliding, resort and high-class entertainment.

Sixth, effectively reforming tourism promotion to introduce Hoa Binh's attractive resources and destinations; effectively exploiting the smart tourism system of Hoa Binh province and electronic media; welcoming presstrip delegations for local tourism survey and research; and participating in domestic and international tourism fairs and events.

Seventh, effectively implementing the expanded tourism development cooperation program of eight Northwest provinces with Ho Chi Minh City, as well as with other provinces in the country; stepping up human resource training and retraining; and protecting tourism resources and environment.

The above consistent solutions will make important contributions to accomplishing project objectives in the coming period.

Da Trang (White Rock) Pass

To launch a post-pandemic tourism stimulus, what specific plans and actions did the Hoa Binh Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism take for new and unique tourism products, madam?

As soon as the COVID-19 epidemic was contained, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism advised the Provincial People's Committee to promulgate Plan 44/KH-UBND dated March 9, 2022 on organization of Hoa Binh Tourism Stimulus Program in 2022 to direct relevant agencies and localities to implement main tasks below:

Announcing the Hoa Binh Tourism Stimulus Program in 2022 themed “Hoa Binh, safe tourist destination - Full experience" in the spirit of safe and flexible adaptation to, effective control of the COVID-19 epidemic; organizing cultural and sports events in some localities to form a series of events to attract tourists.

Participating in cultural and tourism events and activities outside Hoa Binh province to introduce, propagate and promote its tourism to domestic and international tourists.

For development of new and unique products, in the year, the department organized famtrip and presstrip delegations and built some notable products like paragliding and mountain biking. In the coming time, the department will continue to create new and adventurous products on Hoa Binh Lake Tourist Area such as cliff climbing, bungee jumping, mountain biking, paragliding and thrilling water games for visitors.

In 2023, the department will organize festivals, including Muong Bi Festival and expanded Northwest Community Tourism Village Festival, invite some provinces with community tourism villages to take part in and extend the tourism stimulus program in 2023.

Thank you very much!

By Duy Binh, Vietnam Business Forum