Phu My Fertilizers: Covering from Countryside to City

10:43:19 AM | 1/10/2023

In the last months of 2022, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) launched Phu My fertilizers for urban agriculture.

Urban agriculture is the cultivation, processing and distribution of agricultural products within or around urban areas and has become increasingly important in the world and in Vietnam in recent years.

Quickly grasping the inevitable trend in urban areas and diversifying product lines, PVFCCo launched a high-class Phu My fertilizer line for urban agriculture, including five product sets: fertilizers for leafy vegetables (Phu My Fertilizer + Kebo, Phu My NPK + Biowish 16-16-8+13S+TE); fertilizers for root vegetables and fruits (NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE); fertilizers for fruit trees (NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE); fertilizers for flowers - ornamental plants (NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE.)

PVFCCo cared and cherished a plan for a long time to reach the "Convenience - Safety - Class" criteria before launching this product line onto the market. Phu My fertilizer products, which are familiar to rural farmers, now have a completely new look for urban consumers. High quality products are packaged in modern, convenient packaging, with various choices of weight (200g, 500g, 1kg), "designed and tailored" specifically for popular crops in urban areas such as leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and ornamental plants. The products have clear and specific instructions for use, printed on the package. The products are widely distributed at urban agricultural stores, in supermarkets, on e-commerce platforms and in other online sales channels. Customers can approach and choose right fertilizers for their plants and needs.

The launch of Phu My fertilizers specialized for urban agriculture is a new step in the development path of PVFCCo. From now on, Phu My fertilizer is available from countryside to cities, not only limited to rural fields and gardens but also gradually brought to gardens, terraces, balconies and houses in cities which will form new green spaces, lovely green gardens, miniature parks and microclimates in the heart of the city and in every house.

Anh Dao (Vietnam Business Forum)