Shining Sacred Hill in March

9:57:37 AM | 3/8/2023

In the transition to the warm season, March is always a special time for every young person in Vietnam. When young, vibrant and enthusiastic souls look forward to the founding anniversary of Youth Union - a reliable and pioneering reserve team of the Party. And, this time nurtures bright aspirations toward the source.

Tuc Dup in the mind of local residents is a “sacred hill” that keeps glorious and heroic memories and a triumphant melody about the brilliant miracle of patriotism. Not only attracting thousands of visitors every Tet Holiday, Tuc Dup is also timeless evidence, a keeper of historical values that are always present to young people who seek to make themselves better.

Young people step back in time to explore various historical stories...

Tuc Dup used to be a flashpoint in the “fire triangle” on the battlefield map, a frequently bombarded area during the Vietnam War. The 128-day fierce battle cannot be easily faded by haunting and painful memories. Since then, the nickname “2-million-dollar hill” became a legend, an immortal undefeatable shield that proved endogenous strength, steadfast willpower and courage of warriors and people in the Seven Mountains.

Faced with the destructive and disastrous power of modern American warfare techniques, our fighters subtly and skillfully applied various military tactics on the rugged and mysterious structure. Going deep inside Tuc Dup are mountain caves interlinked together. This is ideal for building military fortresses of revolutionary forces. Thousands of caves look like an extremely mysterious maze.

“Sesame, open…”.

Labyrinth of caves

Stopping at wartime vestiges that have been meticulously restored to preserve cultural and historical values, visitors will feel like reliving and immersing in every historical moment from stories told, images seen and armed equipment displayed in the Traditional House and the Diorama Room. Then, they should enter the Memorial Temple to respectfully offer incense and remember heroes and martyrs who rested in peace.

Youth, with trips back to the past

This used to be a “death coordinate” in a war-torn fierce battlefield. Now, Tuc Dup has become a famous sightseeing destination with sacred legends. The green growth from “unknown sources” surfaces to an indefinite end. As against death and destruction of an unjust war, flowers are reblooming in the blue sky.

A green realm where life flourishes…

The path is decorated with flowers

The war already receded a long time ago and new sprouts of life have sprung up on the old battlefield. Tuc Dup Historic Site has been now built into a military recreational and training area, adorned with beautiful miniatures and flower gardens, where visitors can join shooting drills with live bullets, visit the zoo, cycle on wooden bridges and take part in boat racing.

Youth and bravery are forged from challenges

Patriotism and youthful aspirations are like a burning fire added with fuel after each trip to the source...

After many twists and turns with the legendary Seven Mountains Range, time imprints are carved onto the mountain rock. Tuc Dup has now become a famous tourist destination where heroic historical legends are told. Following the flow of time, the evolution of life, Tuc Dup stands out in the heroic chapter of national history, of a wartime that has receded for a long time but is still remembered vividly with legends told from generation to generation.

Nga Son (Vietnam Business Forum)