Hanoi University of Science and Technology: Aspirations Make a Difference

11:16:51 AM | 3/14/2023

Building cooperation with leading universities in the world is one of the important tasks of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. One of its development approaches in 2017 - 2025 is “Developing toward international integration, applying regional and international quality standards, selectively absorbing successful models and experiences of prestigious universities in the world; focusing on improving substantive competencies; and moving towards international ranking criteria”.

Assoc. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang, Rector of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, receives Australia's Treasurer of Victoria

Currently, the university is advancing four key areas of science and technology: Data technology and intelligent systems, Sustainable energy and the environment, Advanced materials, and Health science and technology.

Assoc. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang, Rector of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, said, “We also see cooperation with international academic partners as one of the most important tasks to enhance the quality of training and research and to create a generation of global students. The university always focuses on upgrading its international ecosystem and fostering innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.”

Raising training quality by building cooperation ties with prestigious international academic partners

International training programs are developed and launched in close cooperation by Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) and prestigious universities in the world, based on a 2+2 formula. This means that students study the two first years at HUST and the other two years at partner universities if they meet certain criteria.

After graduation, trainees will be awarded a degree by partner universities. At HUST, first-year students will intensively study English to make sure that they meet foreign language requirements for the following academic years. From the second year onwards, except for Political Theory and Military Training, all subjects will be taught in English. Most HUST lecturers are doctors who graduated from world-leading schools. In addition, HUST invites foreign teachers to work for it. In 2022, Hanoi University of Science and Technology invited Prof. Graham A. Jenkins to teach students of the machining program - an international training program launched by the School of Engineering (HUST) and the School of Engineering and Built Environment (EBE), Griffith University.  In addition, HUST has lecturers assigned to closely monitor and support students who need assistance in learning. At the same time, the university also collects students’ feedback to improve training quality.

In recent years, Hanoi University of Science and Technology has carried out many cooperation programs with well-reputed Australian universities, including credit recognition programs with the University of Adelaide and Monash University and staff exchange programs with the University of Technology Sydney and Griffith University. HUST and Australian universities choose appropriate training programs to convert a certain number of credits. Accordingly, HUST students can transfer to partner universities to complete their study programs if they can meet English requirements. For economics majors, HUST has built three credit recognition programs, including (1) Accounting, (2) Finance and Banking, and (3) Logistics and Supply Chain Management with Griffith University. HUST also has three credit recognition programs: (1) Accounting, (2) Finance and Banking, and (3) Business Administration with Monash University. For engineering majors, HUST has a Chemistry Bachelor Training Program and Food Technology Bachelor Training Program with Monash University; Mechatronics and Robotics Bachelor Training Program and Pharmaceutical Engineering Bachelor Training Program with the University of Adelaide; and Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Training Program with Griffith University.

In addition to building international training programs, Hanoi University of Science and Technology puts a premium on student exchanges. HUST students can be exchanged with partner universities to experience an international learning environment. In 2023, HUST had the first students transferred to Australian universities after a long pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the year to date, two students have been transferred to the University of Adelaide to study Pharmaceutical Engineering and one student transferred to Griffith University to learn Mechanical Engineering.

Vice Rector Nguyen Phong Dien joins the delegation of the Ministry of Education and Training accompanying National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue during a working visit to Australia and New Zealand

Moreover, HUST always welcomes international students from short-term exchange programs and recruits full-time international students to create an international learning environment. In September 2022, the university welcomed 33 students from the University of Adelaide to attend lectures on "National Water Resources Management" and "Wastewater Management and Treatment in Vietnam", and joined cultural exchanges with HUST students. This is the foundation for sustainable partnerships between HUST and Australian universities, including the University of Adelaide. Apart from the University of Adelaide, in 2022, HUST welcomed delegations from Australian partner universities like Monash University, Griffith University, Western Sydney University, and the University of Western Australia. In late 2022, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Phong Dien, Vice Rector of HUST, and Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Dac Trung, Head of the Training Department, attended education cooperation forums and other educational activities in Australia and New Zealand to boost HUST’s education and training cooperation with Australian and New Zealand partners within the framework of the official trip by Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son.

In early 2023, HUST welcomed visiting delegations from Macquarie University and Deakin University to exchange potential cooperation opportunities. In January 2023, HUST also hosted a meeting with the Victorian Ministry of Trade and Investment and Monash University, led by Mr. Tim Pallas – Victorian Minister of Treasury-Trade-Investment-Industrial Relations. The meeting was expected to open up cooperation ties between HUST and Victorian universities, including Monash University.

2023 marked the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Australia diplomatic relations and the 5th celebration of the Vietnam-Australia partnership. Hanoi University of Science and Technology will make an ongoing effort to reinforce comprehensive cooperation with Australian partners to deepen existing relationships and create new cooperation opportunities with Australian partners.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum