Fairy Tales on “Wonder of Light” - An Hao Solar Park

5:34:06 PM | 4/26/2023

This is a story about a tranquil land, written more than 3 years ago. But everything has changed since 2019 when Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park was started construction and brought into operation. The source of energy (both figuratively and literally) has helped the poor land of An Hao change completely and develop quickly.

Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park, invested by Sao Mai Group, is likened to a morning star that brings hope, love and change. It evokes dreams and desires to motivate people in An Hao land (Tinh Bien district, An Giang) to confidently rise up and try every day to change their lives.

Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park is a great testament to the efforts and enthusiasm of the investor and the consensus of the local government and local people to "wake up" poor but potential An Hao together. Indeed, the park has contributed significantly to local socioeconomic development and become one of the bright spots in the socioeconomic picture of An Giang province in particular and Vietnam in general.

Needless to say, Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park is an iconic groundbreaking project that keeps pace with the epochal trend of “green energy”. Especially, it is located at the foot of Cam Mountain, the "roof of the Mekong Delta".

While other power plants just generate electricity to the maximum, this is the case for An Hao Solar Park. The investor is ready to spare land for eco-tourism development. This has confirmed a different style and unique creativity that does not have to follow any common practice.

At Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park, the investor has applied harmoniously economic and cultural development with nature. The unique cultural values of Cam Mountain are preserved and promoted, proven by the embellishment of Buddha Rock Hand in the project area.

The sightseeing area, built around An Hao Solar Park and right at the giant Buddha Rock Hand, is a tranquil and peaceful meditation area with five-colored flowers and old trees.

In addition, Thien Canh Lake originates from the Thanh Long stream on the top of Cam Mountain. It is the blessed water that nurtures and greens the world of colorful flowers and adorns the vast space here that is always full of fresh vitality.

The man who invested in exploring, successfully awakening and transforming the poor An Hao land into the capital of solar power came from Thanh Hoa province, the homeland of many dynasties and sages in Vietnam. To him, An Hao is both a search for new potential as well as a gift that the investor gives to An Giang, a land of humanity.

Thuong San (Vietnam Business Forum)