Chairman and CEO of Quang Binh Imexco: Proliferating Social Responsibility in Business

1:48:39 PM | 5/15/2023

Today, social values are increasingly being promoted. Businesses no longer operate solely with economic goals but also work for humanistic and social values. Businessman Dang Xuan Hue, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum CEO of Quang Binh Import-Export Joint Stock Company (Quang Binh Imexco), is one of the outstanding entrepreneurs who has been spreading corporate social responsibility in business.

Businessman Dang Xuan Hue, Chairman CEO of Quang Binh Imexco is honored with the “Outstanding Entrepreneur” title awarded by VCCI

The story about businessman Dang Xuan Hue who used all his family's fortune to save his company on the verge of bankruptcy is familiar to the business community of Quang Binh province. He said, “I became Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quang Binh Import-Export Joint Stock Company when it incurred a huge debt of over VND40 billion. All key employees had left the company. In such a situation, I always keep in mind that the great responsibility and noble mission of a true businessman is to shoulder responsibility. I put all what my family and I had to secure and pay off bank loans and save the company.” This was an extremely daring and risky decision. Fortunately, with the support of his family, the trust of all colleagues, and above all the bravery and decisiveness of the new chairman, the company made a miraculous comeback. Quang Binh Imexco has become an industry leader and an outstanding business of Quang Binh province.

After the company went public, he transformed the multisector production model to the mining business in the spirit of placing national interests above all, moving toward sustainable development and aligning with environmental protection. Entrepreneur Dang Xuan Hue is also among the first people to apply the KPI-based business management model in 2011 when the concept of KPI remained new to many people.

With these efforts, he and Quang Binh Imexco were awarded certificates of merit and noble titles by the Prime Minister, many ministries and central branches such as Labor Order from the President of Vietnam, Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister, Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Certificate of Merit from the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Certificate of Merit from the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association, Certificate of "Cultured Entrepreneur for the cause of national construction and development", Top 100 ASEAN Excellent Executives, UNESCO Excellent Executive, Vietnam Talents in the Doi Moi period, Thanh Giong Cup, Vietnam Excellent Entrepreneur, Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneur, and Outstanding Entrepreneur of Quang Binh Province.

In addition, social responsibility is also conveyed to employees through environmental activities such as planting trees, beautifying the landscape, and ensuring environmental quality. The company regularly helps repair and upgrade roads for local people, takes part in activities for the poor and disabled people, finances gratitude funds and supports other social charity. He also actively supports and shares experiences with businesses that are facing difficulties, and inspires entrepreneurship and business culture to younger generations.

He affirmed: “Entrepreneurial culture and social responsibility are always the guidelines for the company in all activities to jointly create opportunities, good and sustainable values for community, society and nation. Social responsibility is a duty and a gesture of goodwill in business activities that entrepreneurs of any era need to uphold.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum