Cam Mountain: A Sacred Magnificence in the Mekong Delta

9:33:09 AM | 8/28/2023

If you are looking for a serene and picturesque destination for your weekend or holiday, An Giang is a notable choice. The province boasts of a stunning landscape, with Cam Mountain or Thien Cam Mountain (Khmer name: Pnom ta piel) being the most striking feature. This mountain is the highest peak in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The mountain range features majestic high mounts, cool climate, charming scenes, green trees, and colorful flowers that bloom throughout the year.

At an altitude of 705 meters, Cam Mountain has a circumference of 28,600 meters, with Bo Hong Peak being highest in the That Son Range (also known as Seven Mountains). Currently, visitors can reach Cam Mountain by a modern cable car. From the cable car cabin, they can cast their view on the glamorous natural scenery with bow-shaped green trees below and immense golden rice fields.

The cable car to Cam Mountain

Stepping down the cable car, you will see a completely different world with splendid temples, one after another. Here, you will see Asia's largest Maitreya Buddha statue and poetic Thuy Liem Lake. You can join unique, distinctive cultural and religious activities. Cam Mountain is known to be a sacred land where worshippers pray for health, peace and career.

Van Linh Pagoda is one of the must-visit addresses in Cam Mountain. This pagoda specially leans its back against the mountain and faces the water. The main part is installed splendid but dignified Buddha statues to create an aesthetic impression amidst the idyllic landscape of the mountains.

Colossal Van Linh Pagoda with three ancient towers

The Buddha Hall is featured with a meditating statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, exquisitely sculpted from a 2-ton monolith. The 40-meter Bodhisattva shrine was built with the model architecture of Bodh Gaya in India, including seven levels, Buddhist recitation hall, Lumbini garden, and Venerable Thich Tri Tinh statue. The panorama creates a poetic landscape, a harmonized blend of religious architecture and natural scenery.

Cam Mountain has many caves and temples. Each place is based on natural structure and linked to fantasy myths and legends. Particularly, Thuy Liem is one of the most mysterious caves, with strangely shaped stalactites above a fresh, cool flowing stream. According to folklore, this place was once ruled by Monkey King (Te Thien Dai Thanh). Therefore, in addition to worshiping Buddha, Thuy Liem Cave also worships Ong Te.

You must be astonished at the magnificent beauty of nature that the Creator bestows on this mountainous region. Immersed in the green space of the mountain and the forest, feeling the unique and sacred cultural features is an unforgettable experience.

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