Amazon Global Selling at VIFA ASEAN 2023: Boosting Furniture & Home Decor Exports from Vietnam

11:02:19 AM | 8/30/2023

Amazon Global Selling Vietnam today announced its participation in the Vietnam - ASEAN International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair 2023 (VIFA ASEAN 2023) from August 29 to September 1, 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City. Its presence at the four-day exhibition sets out the dedication to provide on-site information and guidance, advancing Vietnamese home decor and furniture to the next level of global integration leveraging cross-border e-commerce exports.

With industry insights and consultancy equipped, Amazon Global Selling aims to empower local businesses in the home decor and furniture industry to expand and accelerate their footprint in the globe adopting online exports.

Amazon Global Selling kicks off activities at VIFA ASEAN 2023 - The destination to explore and experience the export model for the furniture and handicraft industry

Vietnam's wood industry annual exports record an average of over 10 billion USD, making Vietnam the fifth-largest wood manufacturer and exporter in the world. In addition, based on Amazon statistics, furniture on Amazon witnessed remarkable growth from 2020 to 2022. Online shopping remains popular for Home & Kitchen products, including decor accessories, furniture, and home improvement, regardless of the gradual return to workplaces. A whopping 62.3% of online searches for furniture are all about transactions. Many home furnishing exporters in Vietnam have embarked on their global export journey on Amazon, including renowed brands namely Beefurni… The growth not only underscores domestic businesses’ possibility to create distinctive and high-quality products catered to diverse preferences, but also signals their immense potential to flourish internationally.

One-stop touchpoint for international home furnishing enthusiasts

The VIFA ASEAN 2023 is an one-stop event for thousands of local and international visitors, fulfilling the thirst for industry insights and practical experience in global export. In the light of the event, local and also foreign businesses, specifically in furniture & home accessories, are enabled to adeptly navigate changes and reach new heights in today’s export, progressively making Vietnam an eminent manufacturing hub for home furnishings in the regional and global scale.

VIFA ASEAN 2023 expectedly welcomes thousands of visitors, including international trade buyers, importer, wholesalers, hospitallity buyers, retailers, interior designers, architects and property developers. Paying the highlight to green and sustainable furniture and home accessories, this year, the event presents a dynamic platform to connect sellers with prospective buyers and prominent commerce enablers, notably Amazon Global Selling, which helps to realize local potentiality while meeting expanding global demand for home furnishings steeped in craftmanship and design ingenuity.

Introduction to cross-border e-commerce with Amazon

Unlock potentiality for Home decor & furniture with cross-border e-commerce

During the four-day exhibition, 350+ exhibitors of home furnish & furniture suppliers in the ASEAN come to the fair boasting 1,400 booths featuring distinctive products, solutions and initiatives in furniture, home decor & handicraft, as well as machines, hardware & tools & supporting services. As one of the important exhibitors, Amazon Global Selling offers a series of engaging activities designed to introduce visitors about export online via Amazon.

“Selling on Amazon” workshop: With a focus on the rising trend of cross-border e-commerce on a global scale, on-site workshop offers a wellspring of information, insights, and educational resources, arming local enterprises with the initial knowledge with e-commerce export. Pre-registered visitors and on-site prospects who are interested in selling and building brands on Amazon are welcomed.

1:1 consultancy from Amazon experts is available at the event to support and guidance to provide an overview of cross-border e-commerce, and showcase how Amazon resources, tools and solutions can help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) traverse the international market.

The Amazon Handbook, a comprehensive guide packed with essential success know-hows about online export for domestic brands. Coupled with interactive minigames to engage visitors in an authentic, entertaining way, this powerful online export cheatsheet helps domestic suppliers thoroughly leverage their competitive edge in manufacturing home decor and furniture to accelerate their global export progress.

"Selling on Amazon" workshop at the Amazon Global Selling booth

“Home decor & furniture is of huge potentials and advantages based on local unlocked potentiality and global market demand. We are delighted to take the VIFA ASEAN 2023 as a chance to connect with local sellers and prospects, as well as a window for accelerating the becoming of Vietnam as a global manufacturing hub for home furnishings in specific and quality products in general. As the export landscape continues to navigate through dynamic fluctuations, we believe that Amazon Global Selling's steadfast support can act as a guiding light for Vietnamese SMEs not just adapt, but thrive on the global stage, seizing untapped business opportunities with international trade”, shared Mr. Gijae Seong, Heads of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam.

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