Hoa Phu Industrial Park: Accompanying Bac Giang to Make Strong Breakthrough in Investment Attraction

3:36:18 PM | 8/31/2023

Hoa Phu Industrial Park is a general industrial park that prioritizes industries with modern, advanced and environmentally friendly technologies. The clean ground in the expanded subdivision phase 1 is being completed with efforts to speed up the process. After the Bac Giang Provincial People’s Council issued a Resolution approving the Planning Project of the expanded Hoa Phu Industrial Park construction phase 2 (1/2000 scale), Hoa Phu Industrial Park has been and is expected to continue being an important contributor to the province’s growth.

Modern and synchronous infrastructure

Hoa Phu Industrial Park has a total planning area of more than 292ha, located in Mai Dinh, Chau Minh and Huong Lam communes (Hiep Hoa district). With its location in the center of the Northern Delta, as a gateway for trade and goods movement between regions in the country, Hoa Phu Industrial Park is conveniently connected to major national highways such as National Highway 18 and Ring Road IV, creating favorable conditions for connecting to the economic centers of the northern provinces and playing an important role as an ideal place for businesses to invest.

Mrs. Chu Nguyen Sinh, Deputy General Director of Hoa Phu Invest Co., Ltd. said: Right from the planning stage, the company determined to focus on investing in building technical infrastructure and services of Hoa Phu Industrial Park towards modernity and synchronousness, especially paying attention to the system of green landscape, water surface and creating high-quality industrial landscape, to meet the strict demands of FDI enterprises.

The wastewater treatment plant of Hoa Phu Industrial Park has completed 2 modules with a capacity of 4000 m3/day, with modern and fully automated technology, and has been operating since the beginning of 2020, ensuring collection and treatment of all wastewater generated by enterprises investing in industrial zones. The wastewater treatment system is in stable operation, the quality of wastewater after being treated meets QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT, column A - National technical regulation on industrial wastewater. This is also one of the important infrastructure items towards the development of Hoa Phu into a green - clean - beautiful and sustainable industrial park.

In addition to the advantages of location, synchronous infrastructure, projects deployed in Hoa Phu Industrial Park always receive the companionship of local authorities and Hoa Phu Invest Co., Ltd. in carrying out legal procedures; assisting in recruiting labor, introducing partners to provide services during project implementation.

Trusted destination for investors

Up to now, Hoa Phu Industrial Park has attracted 28 domestic and international investment projects with a total registered capital of about 700 million USD, the occupancy rate is over 95%. In which, 25 projects have been granted investment registration certificates; 19/28 projects have been put into operation, employing about 3,250 employees inside and outside the province. Businesses from many countries and territories such as Singapore, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam have actively contributed to attracting investment and developing socio-economic development of Bac Giang province.

Representative of Vina Dae-A Co., Ltd., a 100% Korean-invested enterprise investing in Hoa Phu Industrial Park, said: The company appreciates the support and companionship of the investor of Hoa Phu Industrial Park in coordinating procedures for investment and construction licensing, and especially quickly completing the procedures for applying for a land use right certificate for the project so that the company can implement its business plans.

With a sustainable business philosophy, Hoa Phu Industrial Park has been highly appreciated by state management agencies as well as many organizations. For two consecutive years 2020-2021, Hoa Phu Industrial Park was voted and recognized as a "Green Industrial Park" by the Vietnam Consultant Association for Information - Economy – Trade (VCAIET).

Deputy General Director Chu Nguyen Sinh added: The top concern of investors when choosing a new investment location is the legal corridor, the time to complete administrative procedures, the source of labor recruitment and looking for local suppliers. As the investor of Hoa Phu Industrial Park, Hoa Phu Invest Co., Ltd always accompanies, supports and creates the best conditions for investors to deploy projects conveniently.

The expansion of Hoa Phu Industrial Park Phase I and II will continue to meet the demand for industrial land lease; and create the best investment and business environment for domestic and foreign investors. In the period of 2021 - 2030, Hoa Phu Industrial Park commits to focus all resources to the realization of the industrial development goals of Bac Giang province in the coming period.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum