Vinh Phuc Aims to Construct At Least One Million Social Accommodations

4:34:55 PM | 9/23/2023

Vinh Phuc province is implementing various solutions to expedite the progress of local social housing projects in response to the Project on "Investing and constructing at least 1 million social housing apartments for low-income people and industrial zone workers in 2021-2030” initiated by the Party and the Government.

Vinaconex’s low-income accommodation

The province has therefore directed and implemented many incentive and support solutions, mechanisms and policies; and launched specific support policies and mechanisms for investors and businesses in building affordable accommodations for workers. At the same time, it requested the central government to remove obstacles that hindered housing construction for workers. Currently, Vinh Phuc has five operational housing projects for workers and low-income earners, providing more than 1,600 housing units. Four other licensed projects are expected to supply more than 2,600 housing units for workers, including Phoenix Town in Ba Hien Town (Binh Xuyen district), the social housing project in Phuc Thang Ward (Phuc Yen City), High-rise worker social housing project in Goc Nu, Khai Quang Ward (Vinh Yen City) and the social housing project in Rung Cuong village, Thien Ke commune (Binh Xuyen).

Additionally, the province agreed to have 22 locations for worker housing and social housing and review six other investment locations for worker housing and social housing in Yen Dong commune (Yen Lac), Van Xuan commune (Vinh Tuong), Dao Duc town and Huong Canh town (Binh Xuyen) and Hoang Dan commune (Tam Duong). Then, the total worker housing and social housing areas will rise to 28, covering nearly 220 ha of land. These facilities will meet the housing needs of workers and low-income earners in industrial zones in the province.

According to the government-initiated one-million-house project in 2021-2030, Vinh Phuc was assigned to build 28,300 social housing units for workers and low-income earners. The province planned to build 8,800 housing units in 2022-2025 and 19,500 units in 2026-2030.

To speed up the progress to complete its plan, Vinh Phuc has decisively directed relevant agencies, localities and investors to deploy many consistent solutions: Quickly completing the Vinh Phuc Housing Development Program to 2030, with a vision to 2045; revising the approved 5-year Vinh Phuc housing development plan in 2021-2025; and working out specific annual implementation plans for local social housing development from now to 2030.

Moreover, the province has launched solutions to accelerate investment and construction of ongoing projects, quickly cleared the ground for licensed or planned projects to attract investors; publicize and introduce the land fund for social housing investment for companies to research and propose investments, balance the budget to give more incentives to investors, and engage all economic sectors to develop social housing. The province has planned and arranged worker housing and social housing projects in suitable, convenient, large-scale locations with complete technical and social infrastructure. Vinh Phuc province has strictly complied with regulations that 20% of the area is used for technical infrastructure in worker housing and social housing as applied to in commercial housing projects.

At the same time, Vinh Phuc province pledged to further support access to preferential credit; and strengthen inspection, examination, supervision and handling of legal violations in worker housing and social housing development.

By Thanh Loan, Vietnam Business Forum