HeeSung Electronics Vietnam Helping Hai Phong: Become Major National Industrial Center

10:48:57 AM | 10/23/2023

HeeSung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd has been operating in Hai Phong City since 2015. Over the past eight years, the company has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in supporting industries in Vietnam. In addition to contributing to the city’s economic growth and budget revenue, the company has also created job opportunities and stable income for workers. Furthermore, HeeSung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd is gradually realizing its goal of transforming Hai Phong into a major industrial center of the country.

Mr. Ko Tae Yeon, General Director of HeeSung Electronics Vietnam

Equal personnel and machinery development

HeeSung Electronics, wholly owned by South Korea, manufactures audio-visual products for automobiles and back panels for OLED TVs. In Vietnam, HeeSung Electronics was established in 2015 in Trang Due Industrial Park (Hai Phong) and put into official production in 2018, with annual revenue of US$13 million. Its products have an increasingly solid position in the market and its employee income also grows strongly.

said: For HeeSung, equally developing both human and technical factors is the main strategy to bring the most satisfaction to customers. The company launched the "Smart Innovation" Strategy with five main goals: Ensuring best quality for customers, promoting pricing competition, maximizing productivity, enhancing management capacity and creating a happy workplace.

Accordingly, to supply best-quality products, HeeSung always tries to perfect its production processes as well as thoroughly check product quality. The company has always attached great importance to automation since 2017 - 2018 in order to make the best precision products in the shortest time to meet customer requirements. The company has taken continuous actions to improve production, from machines to people and production processes - TDR and BP (best practices).

Besides, for HeeSung, human development is a long-term and inevitable strategy for growing development. To achieve that, the concern has continuously organized online and offline training classes to improve employees' skills. Besides, the company ensures welfare policies and encourages its employees to devote themselves to the company, enhancing productivity and quality.

Supporting local development

With a lot of potential and advantages, Hai Phong City is making every effort to develop a modern, smart and sustainable industry to realize Resolution 45 of the Politburo on Hai Phong construction and development to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Supporting local development, in the coming time, HeeSung will further search and expand business operations. In particular, the company will focus on carrying main tasks and solutions: Establishing institutions to expand domestic sales to enhance financial health; deepening the "CAN UP" (improvement) activities to increase productivity, performance and profitability; and establishing institutions to expand sales of high-value products to increase revenue and improve profitability.

Besides, the company focuses on improving the quality of human resources and especially raising skills for Vietnamese executives.

In addition to production and business development, HeeSung regularly takes part in social security events in the industrial park and in Hai Phong City such as helping victims of storms, floods and natural disasters, and financing hunger eradication, gratitude and scholarship funds.

Remarking on the investment environment in Hai Phong, Mr. Ko Tae Yeon said: Since its entry into the city, HeeSung has always been supported by city leaders, especially the Hai Phong City People's Committee, the Industrial Zones Authority and the Tax Department. Furthermore, a large workforce from Hai Phong City and neighboring provinces (Hai Duong and Thai Binh) is also one of favorable conditions for HeeSung to work here.

In the coming time, Hai Phong City needs to strongly develop infrastructure and human resources. In addition, it is necessary to attract development investment capital and enhance environmental protection.

By Ngo San,Vietnam Business Forum