Exemplary New Rural Model Aligned with High-Quality Agriculture

8:23:20 AM | 12/3/2023

Yen Dung district in Bac Giang province has emerged as a trailblazer in the integration of land consolidation, technological advancements and high-quality agriculture. The district's innovative approach, exemplified by 50 greenhouse and net house models, has attracted attention from various localities both within and outside the province seeking to study and adopt these pioneering practices.

Yen Dung district in Bac Giang province

Currently, all 16 communes in Yen Dung district have successfully met the new rural development standards, with 12 of them accredited for advanced new rural development and two communes recognized as model new rural development standards. Moreover, the district boasts 40 villages acknowledged for meeting model new rural development standards, and each commune includes at least one village achieving this classification. The per capita income in the district exceeds VND60 million annually, underscoring the economic progress. Additionally, all 159 villages and residential groups in Yen Dung district possess cultural houses and community spaces, with many characterized by their size, spaciousness, and modernity.

Distinct changes are evident in exemplary rural villages, where residents actively engage in economic model development and leverage scientific and technical advancements in production. The transformation involves converting mixed gardens into well-maintained houses and aesthetically pleasing gardens, emphasizing the cultivation of high-value vegetables and fruit trees. This shift has replaced previous practices of abandoning land or cultivating various vegetables due to low income. Following land consolidation and exchange initiatives, communes strategically planned model fields that yield two rice crops and a winter potato crop. The consolidated approach has significantly increased productivity compared to fragmented production methods.

Yen Dung district is a leader in agricultural innovation, with dozens of model fields that produce rice, winter vegetables and medicinal herbs on 500 ha of land. The district uses the same variety of crops for easy management and marketing.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong, Vice Chairman of Yen Dung People’s Committee, said that the district aims to achieve advanced new rural development standards by 2025, after meeting the basic standards in 2021. The district addresses three key challenges: Reducing the disparity among localities; Enhancing the production linkages and the quality of life of rural people; and developing and modernizing the rural infrastructure to ensure a safe, clean, and beautiful environment that preserves the cultural identity and adapts to climate change. The district also utilizes the funds for the national target program for new rural development effectively. The district has surpassed many criteria for new rural development so far.

In 2023, Yen Dung district allocated VND32.7 billion for 47 new rural development projects, underscoring its determination to meet advanced rural development criteria by 2025. The district's central goal in model rural construction is to further elevate the material and spiritual standards of its residents towards urban-level living.

By Dinh Bao, Vietnam Business Forum