Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park: Fortifying Internal Resources to Accommodate New FDI Flows

2:04:07 PM | 1/26/2024

Endowed with all favorable factors for development, coupled with a synchronous, well-connected infrastructure system and numerous practical support policies, Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park has achieved significant success in attracting both domestic and foreign secondary investors.

Binh Thuan College and Hoang Quan Binh Thuan Real Estate Consulting-Trading-Services Joint Stock Company enterinto an agreement to supply Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park tenants with a well-trained workforce 

Strong appeals

Mr. Nguyen Anh Trang, General Director of Hoang Quan Binh Thuan Real Estate Consultancy-Trading-Service Joint Stock Company, and the developer of Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, highlighted the park’s investment advantages. He emphasized that the recent development of transport infrastructure is a fundamental advantage that enhances the appeal of industrial real estate in Binh Thuan province, including Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park. Particularly, from 2020 to 2023, the transport infrastructure system has been synchronously invested and constructed, encompassing railways, roads and airways. The operation of the North-South Expressway (Dau Giay-Phan Thiet and Phan Thiet-Vinh Hao sections) enables Binh Thuan province to connect with the southern key economic region. The coastal road connecting Lagi-Phan Thiet and National Highway 55 with Ba Ria-Vung Tau has also been upgraded and expanded, thereby attracting investors from Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong. Vinh Tan Seaport, a large deep-water seaport for the Central Coast and the world, is gradually emerging as a strength of Binh Thuan, acting as a catalyst for enhancing national competitiveness.

In terms of airways, Binh Thuan province is home to the 543-hectare Phan Thiet Airport, which is expected to commence operations in the next 1-2 years and is designed to serve two million passengers annually. Consequently, industrial parks with synchronous infrastructure conveniently connected to the North-South Expressway and Phan Thiet Airport are poised to become the top choices for domestic and foreign investors. Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, located adjacent to main roads like National Highway 1A (650m), Phan Thiet-Vinh Hao Expressway (4km), Phan Thiet Airport, and Vinh Tan International Seaport, has collaborated with numerous businesses in 2023, thanks to the robust development of key traffic routes.

In addition to its convenient transportation, Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park boasts a multitude of competitive advantages. These include a vast rentable land area, competitively low rental prices compared to neighboring provinces, a workforce that is both abundant and highly skilled, and a modern, synchronous infrastructure system. This system encompasses a water supply and drainage system, a fire protection system, automatically monitored wastewater treatment facilities with a current daily capacity of 2,000 cubic meters, a plentiful water supply from Phan Thiet and Ba Bau water plants, and a comprehensive internal road system.

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park stands as a model of green and sustainable development, embodying a harmonious blend of industrial growth and environmental stewardship

In its pursuit of building a green, sustainable, and eco-friendly industrial park in accordance with LEED standards, Hoang Quan Binh Thuan has implemented various measures to align with the global “greening” trend. These include the utilization of solar energy and the allocation of 20% of the factory area for trees to create green spaces. The park currently houses approximately 25,000 trees, contributing to environmental protection and enhancing the park’s aesthetic appeal. Ham Kiem 1 is also in close proximity to a full range of supporting amenities such as customs offices, banks, hospitals, shopping centers and resorts, thereby catering to the immediate working, living and trading needs of its occupants.

Moreover, Hoang Quan Binh Thuan is committed to improving the lives of workers by progressively completing a social housing project for nearly 5,000 residents within Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park. This project includes a full range of utility services such as playgrounds for children, a football field, a multi-purpose gymnasium, coffee houses, an amusement park, and many other amenities. Upon completion, the project will not only cater to the industrial park’s need for a plentiful labor source but also provide a “peaceful settlement” for workers, ensuring they feel secure in their new place of residence.

Support from local government needed

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, bolstered by its prime location and comprehensive infrastructure, is further enhanced by attractive investment incentives and supportive policies. Tenants in the park benefit from a 10-year preferential corporate income tax, among other incentives. Hoang Quan Binh Thuan extends additional preferential policies to tenants and producers of locally distinctive products.

New investment projects in the park receive all-encompassing support from Hoang Quan Binh Thuan, ranging from complimentary legal advice, business registration certificates, and investment certificates, to subsidies for factory and office design and human resource recruitment. This comprehensive support system helps to mitigate costs for tenants, fostering a sustainable, long-term business environment and maximizing project efficiency.

The park’s advantageous geographic location, transportation links, labor resources and synchronized planning, coupled with the investor’s efforts, have made Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park a sought-after destination for numerous domestic and foreign investment projects. Capitalizing on the competitive advantages of Binh Thuan province and Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Hoang Quan Binh Thuan aims to attract more investors to lease all available areas by 2025. The focus sectors include food processing, fruit and agricultural product packaging, wood processing, meat processing, garment and footwear production, seafood processing, construction materials manufacturing, interior decoration production, plastic production, carton packaging, parts manufacturing for industrial, agricultural and aquatic production, automobile, motorbike and vehicle production, as well as electrical, refrigeration and mechanical production.

Accommodation facilities for workers in Ham Kiem I Industrial Park

General Director Nguyen Anh Trang noted that the well-controlled COVID-19 pandemic has prompted global manufacturers to focus on restructuring their supply chains. This presents a golden opportunity for industrial parks in Binh Thuan province, such as Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, to consolidate and enhance their internal resources and prepare available land funds for FDI capital flows in the post-COVID-19 era.

To support the attraction of investment into industrial parks, he expressed hope that Binh Thuan province will expedite the process of determining the price of industrial park land. This would involve a one-time payment for industrial parks and a stronger reform of administrative procedures. The province is expected to organize numerous domestic and foreign investment promotion programs, enabling industrial park investors to connect with more domestic and foreign businesses.

Furthermore, he suggested that the provincial government consider introducing incentive policies for companies seeking to produce locally distinctive products, such as agricultural, aquatic and forest products. This would effectively tap into the province’s potential economic advantages and transform Binh Thuan province-based industrial parks, including Ham Kiem 1, into ideal destinations for domestic and foreign investors.

By Cong Luan, Vietnam Business Forum