Navigating Steadily Through the Storm

10:07:58 AM | 1/30/2024

Coffee 15 Co., Ltd is a military-run company in the strategic Central Highlands, mostly remote areas and ethnic minority areas, where socioeconomic activities are difficult. The company's political mission is doing business and strengthening national defense and security, helping build a powerful military economic zone.

Coffee 15 Co., Ltd has steadily overcome challenges to establish its position, reputation, and brand of “Coffee 15 for community life”

In recent years, despite being heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with its solidarity, determination and breakthrough and creative ways, Coffee 15 Co., Ltd has gradually overcome difficulties and challenges to affirm its position, reputation and brand of “Coffee 15 for community life”. Its employees are always assured, devoted and united to join forces to weather any storms.

The Party Committee and the Board of Directors of Coffee 15 determined that the potential and advantages of growing and processing coffee products is key to make breakthroughs. Facing difficult situations such as rising input prices amid volatile, even plunging, coffee price, the company’s Party Committee and Board of Directors have adopted many solutions.

Specifically, Coffee 15 thoroughly applied science and technology to its production processes, combined replanting, grafting and planting new high-yield varieties that are resistant to drought and pests, and replaced aging coffee trees; made the most of processed coffee husks, peat and sugarcane bagasse to produce microbial fertilizers to enrich the soil; avoided watering during peak hours to cut power bills; absolutely complied with ISO 9001: 2015 standards and applied Buon Ma Thuot coffee geographical indication; adopted clean production, ripe fruit harvesting and deep processing (wet processing and color separation); harmoniously combined product contracting and labor restructuring to reduce indirect management costs; and actively propagated and inspired employees to work creatively.

The company's productivity and coffee output have continuously increased year after year

Therefore, the company's productivity and coffee output have continuously increased year after year. Together with other production and business sectors, the company ensures its financial health, exceeds its revenue and profit targets, and fulfills its obligations to the State Budget. With all employee policies and regulations in place, the life of employees has improved significantly, with the average income of an employee reaching VND9 million a month in 2023. Coffee 15 has closely coordinated with local authorities and agencies to conduct mass mobilization activities, strengthen political security, and effectively implement the National Target Program on New Rural Development.

The company's performance has been recognized and highly appreciated by superiors and localities. Many teams and individuals have been rewarded and praised. Coffee 15 was awarded the “Flag of the leaders” by the Minister of Defense in two consecutive years (2022 and 2023)

In 2024, besides basic advantages, the company is forecast to face many difficulties and challenges. To complete its tasks well, the Party Committee and the Board of Directors will continue to grasp the Party's resolutions, directives and regulations; follow the leadership and direction of the Standing Committee and the Party Committee of the Military Zone Command; and effectively carry out resolutions of the company’s Party Committee effectively, drastically and creatively in business management and administration. The company will focus on implementing three breakthrough stages and seven “dare” actions of employees: "Dare to think, dare to say, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, dare to change and be creative, dare to face difficulties and challenges, and dare to act for the common good.”

Besides, the company will continue to promote its achievements; maintain solidarity, good democracy and strict discipline; closely coordinate with localities to build all-people national defense and strong defense areas; and ensure security, political stability and better livelihoods for local people.

Colonel Pham Xuan Thanh

Director of Coffee 15 Co., Ltd - Military Region 5

Source: Vietnam Business Forum