Hanoi Tourism: Bright Spots in 2023

11:19:07 AM | 2/2/2024

In 2023, Hanoi tourism achieved impressive growth. Vietnam Business Forum’s reporters have an interview with Ms. Dang Huong Giang, Director of Hanoi Tourism Department, on Hanoi’s tourism vision for the coming years.

The Hanoi Department of Tourism wins the award of Asia's Leading City Tourist Board at the WTA for the first time

Was 2023 a successful year for the Hanoi tourism industry?

2023 was an impressive year for Hanoi tourism. Visitor arrivals totaled 24 million, up 27% over 2022 and 83% over 2019. Notably, 4 million international visitors arrived in Vietnam, up 138.1% year on year, while domestic visitors also increased by 16%. Tourism revenue was VND85.7 trillion (US$3.6 billion), up 43% over 2022 and 82.5% over 2019.

The Hanoi tourism brand has reached an international level with five awards from the World Travel Awards (WTA). These awards include the World’s Leading City Break Destination Award, the World's Best Golf City Destination 2023, Asia's Leading City Tour Destination, Asia’s Leading City Break Destination Award and Asia's Leading City Tourism Authority.

What were the events and strategies to improve Hanoi's tourism image in the international arena?

Hanoi’s international tourism cooperation and promotion was very active in the past year. The Hanoi Tourism Department cooperated and worked with media agencies and large well-reputed international travel firms in the world such as CNN, CNBC, Traveloka and World Tourism Awards (WTA) to launch programs to promote and introduce Hanoi tourist destinations. Besides, the department also expanded domestic promotion through major media and hosted popular events like Ao Dai Festival, Craft Village Tourism Festival and Hanoi Tourism Gift Festival to create unique experiences and strengthen the city’s cultural and tourism position.

We also focused on domestic and international tourism cooperation and development and joined programs led by the Council for Promotion of Tourism in Asia (CPTA), the Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia-Pacific Cities (TPO) and the Vietnam - China Economic Corridor Cooperation Conference to expand Hanoi's tourism market and strengthen international cooperation.

What challenges did the Hanoi Tourism Department face and what solutions did it adopt to maintain and develop the tourism industry?

Amid pandemic and global upheavals, the Hanoi Tourism Department adopted important solutions to maintain and develop the tourism industry, including increased investment and tourism infrastructure upgrading, especially hotels and services to support international events and high-spending tourist groups.

We also strongly engaged the participation of the community and organizations, facilitated public-private partnership in tourism destination investment and management, and focused on technological innovations, especially digital transformation, to optimize tourism experiences and industry management.

What are the goals set by the Hanoi Tourism Department in 2024?

In the coming time, we will continue to grow strongly, especially in recovering the international tourist market in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Important development directions will include creating new environmentally and socially friendly tourism products, such as sports tourism, medical tourism, community tourism and experiential eco-tourism.

In 2024, we expect to attract 21.5 million domestic visitors and 5 million international visitors and earn revenue of VND99.77 trillion. By 2025, we strive to serve over 30 million tourists, including over 7 million international visitors, and make total revenue of over VND130 trillion.

These goals show the commitments of the Hanoi Tourism Department to promote sustainable development, diversify tourist sources and increase contributions of the tourism industry to the local economy. 

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By Giang Tu, Vietnam Business Forum