Tourists Excited about Hermaphrodite Buffalo in An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area

6:55:29 AM | 2/8/2024

An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area has recently accepted a special member into the "big family" of animals where there are already many animal species such as sheep, rabbits and camels. It is a bisexual buffalo that has strongly attracted the attention of the community. This new arrival has enthralled visitors.

“Boy” or “girl”?

The advent of this strange buffalo has stirred the online community because of its unprecedented differences. It is widely wondered whether this buffalo is male or female. However, the question about its gender has been an unsolved mystery since its birth.

Its former owner previously said that its head exactly looks male while its rump is characteristically female. Meanwhile, its genitals are unclear: asexual or bisexual, depending on how it is watched.

To the same roof

The unusual and strange nature of the buffalo instantly arouses public curiosity. Many videos about the buffalo on social networks have been quickly shared and spread to attract hundreds of thousands of viewers. The owner said that he was offered to sell the buffalo for high prices but he did not sell it because he was afraid that it would be slaughtered for meat. “If they buy this buffalo for raising, then we can discuss this matter but I never accept any offer for slaughtering,” he said.

Appreciated the heart of the owner despite fearing its peculiarity, the Management Board of An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area (Tinh Bien district, An Giang province, Vietnam) contacted him to buy the buffalo for raising and sightseeing.

According to the board representative, the buying not only proves their vision and dedication to biodiversity but also shows a strong commitment to respectfully honoring the wonders of nature.

Second home

An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area has long been a popular tourist attraction. This place of interest was built with its own identity. An Hao chose a different path: Producing clean electricity for sustainable development, combined with experiential tourism, as a valuable highlight.

Currently, the meticulously cared Eurasian-styled amusement park stretches like a painting of the sacred Cam Mountain. Besides, hundreds of thousands of solar panels lie closely together to create a silver strip in the sparkling sunlight. The scenery is a harmonious combination of nature and tourist infrastructure where the green of trees and plants combines with a clear lake to create a lively masterpiece.

Solar panels - The magic flute rhythmizes the melody endlessly

An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area also has an environmentally friendly simple bungalow restaurant and a tall water tower that helps visitors enjoy a vast view in a relaxing and ideal vacation space.

Thien Thanh (Vietnam Business Forum)