K Hospital and AstraZeneca Vietnam Sign Collaboration Agreement to Promote Research and Development and Equitable Healthcare in Vietnam

11:37:20 AM | 7/5/2024

Recently, the leadership of K Hospital and AstraZeneca Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a focus on research and development and improving cancer treatment quality in Vietnam. The ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Le Van Quang, Director of K Hospital, Mr. Atul Tandon, General Director of AstraZeneca Vietnam, as well as doctors, pharmacists, and representatives from both organizations.


According to GLOBOCAN 2022, an estimated 180,480 new cancer cases and 120,184 cancer deaths are expected in Vietnam. Breast cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer are the leading causes of cancer, with incidence and mortality rates increasing annually. This situation necessitates the acceleration of cancer diagnosis and treatment quality improvement efforts.

In this context, the collaboration program between AstraZeneca Vietnam and K Hospital aims to: Accelerate the hospital's scientific research and international integration; Enhance the quality of cancer treatment for patients in the northern provinces and across the country; Aspire to make cancer no longer a leading cause of death in Vietnam

Combining the strengths of a K hospital - a central level hospital and the leading oncology department in the country with AstraZeneca - a leading pharmaceutical company with heritage of UK and Sweden, where oncology is a key therapeutic area,  2 parties will focus on the following key research and development activities:

  • Strategic collaboration in conducting clinical trials in oncology
  • Establish and develop a network/center for innovation, digital transformation, research, and application of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence in healthcare
  • Conduct epidemiological and cancer registry research
  • Collaborate on the establishment and implementation of scientific research, training, and international cooperation programs
  • Promote comprehensive healthcare coordination programs for cancer patients and support patients in increasing access to advanced treatment drugs

In parallel with research and development activities, AstraZeneca and K Hospital also prioritize promoting health equity through plan and developing a national cancer prevention network; and co-implementing the "Love your lungs" program to raise awareness for early detection of lung cancer in the community.

Prof. Dr, Le Van Quang, Director of K Hospital

Professor Lê Văn Quảng, Director of K Hospital, stated: "With an integrated and sustainable development strategy, K Hospital's goal is to become a model hospital, leading in Vietnam and meeting international standards in cancer treatment. We highly appreciate the cooperation of AstraZeneca and hope that in the future, the two organisations will have more extensive and in-depth activities in the fields of scientific research, clinical research center development, training and international cooperation, community communication, education and support for cancer patients, etc. Together, I believe that this cooperation, built on a "patient-centric" approach, will yield significant and lasting benefits for patients and contribute not only to the advancement of oncology but also to the overall development of the Vietnamese healthcare sector."

Building on the success of their initial collaboration agreement signed in 2019, AstraZeneca and K Hospital have further solidified their strategic partnership through this new agreement. This strengthened collaboration has led to the implementation of numerous clinical trials that adhere to rigorous global standards. These trials have yielded significant results, showcased at major international forums like the recent ASCO 2024 conference in the US.  Furthermore, the collaboration has demonstrably enhanced the clinical trial capabilities of hospitals and medical professionals. This is evident in their ability to surpass the stringent investigation conducted by large pharmaceutical companies, medical regulatory bodies, and reputable clinical research management organizations (FDA, independent inspection units, etc.).

Mr. Atul Tandon – General Director AstraZeneca Việt Nam

Atul Tandon, General Director of AstraZeneca Vietnam, shared at the signing ceremony: "I am deeply grateful and proud of the achievements we have made through strategic partnership between AstraZeneca and K Hospital. The unwavering commitment to comprehensive collaboration spanning diagnosis – treatment - holistic care for cancer patients over the years has been continuously enhanced and has yielded demonstrably enhanced treatment outcomes compared to previous time. Looking towards the future, I am confident that we will continue to create significant advancements in cancer treatment practices, transform the patient journey. Ultimately achieveing health equity for every one in the country, fostering a healthier and more sustainable future for Vietnam”

Earlier in June, AstraZeneca and K Hospital successfully co-organized the "National Lung Cancer Investigator Meeting" to foster knowledge exchange in lung cancer research between Vietnamese and international experts. This collaboration aimed to strengthen clinical research capabilities in hospitals, earning recognition from the Deputy Minister of Health for its contribution to Vietnam's healthcare advancement. The conference exemplifies both entities' commitment to R&D, particularly clinical trials, to discover new treatments and improve Vietnam and global cancer patient survival rates.

H.N (Vietnam Business Forum)