Khai Hoan Fish Sauce: Preserving and Promoting Traditional Career

3:13:03 PM | 10/27/2009

Fish sauce connoisseurs will immediately think of fish sauce from Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province when they mention the typical spice of Vietnam. Khai Hoan Fish Sauce is an acclaimed trademark in Vietnam and in the world.
Khai Hoan Fish Sauce is a very popular name and product in Phu Quoc Island. The Khai Hoan Fish Sauce trademark was created more than 40 years ago by Ms Tran Thi Ba. Since then, the company always promotes its traditional fish sauce product techniques. Khai Hoan always puts the trust and product quality on the top in the light of the business principle “Promoting traditional career - Keeping the customer trust and Ensuring Safety Use.”
At its incorporation, the company had only 12 brined tanks, with each containing from 8 to 10 tonnes of fish. To date, Khai Hoan has developed its processing capacity to 430 brined tanks, with each capable of containing 12 – 15 tonnes of fish. This is the persevering effort of the company in enlarging its production scale and bringing the Phu Quoc fish sauce name to a new high.
The stable quality of Khai Hoan’s fish sauces is resulted from the company’s focus on food hygiene, fermenting process, preservation and packaging as well as the heightening of branding awareness and protection. Besides, Khai Hoan also actively invests in modern equipment and technologies and concentrates on building and popularising the trademark.
By its own efforts, Khai Hoan has won many titles and awards from the government, ministries and organisations, such as the Excellent Product and Service Gold Cup 2008, the Product Quality and Prestige Gold Cup 2009, the first Outstanding Vietnam Business Gold Cup 2009 and the second Excellent Leaders Gold Cup 2009.
Khai Hoan Fish Sauce has inherited and promoted the fish saucing production technique of the Phu Quoc Island in general and the family in particular, has made breakthroughs in modernising the fish sauce production and grasped business opportunities to expand operations and the trademark. Importantly, Khai Hoan has contributed to the Party and the State’s policy of “Developing economy together with preserving and promoting national traditions.”