Bay Gao Sim Mild Wine -Taste of Wilderness

4:47:14 PM | 10/26/2009

Mr Mac Van Nghiem (Bay Gao) is the author of sim (myrtle) wine in Phu Quoc island, with unique taste. Bay Gao Sim mild wine is a combination of natural fruit and traditional brew of the Highland people.
The brewery started operating in 1995 and developed a famous brand among customers. To ensure the quality, the wine is processed in a meticulous method mixing together for three months wild Sim fruit, sugar and fermented sticky rice.  The final product is a drink of best quality.
The wine is not only an appetizer but also a medicine against old age, especially stone in kidney and gall bladder. With special flavour, the drink is good for all ages ensuring good appetite and merry mood.
To meet the increasing demand of consumers, in 2005, Mr Nghiem decided to bottle the wine and registered its trademark. The product has been licensed by Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Science and Technology and granted certificate of safety drink by Kien Giang Department of Health. From a small production, the wine has become a big supply at home and abroad and recognized as a special product of Phu Quoc. For his part, Mr Nghiem hopes that Vietnamese and foreign tourists after tasting the wine will appreciate the Sim wine culture of Phu Quoc island.
Phu Quoc islanders often say: “Those who visit Phu Quoc but failing to drink Sim Bay Gao have only half of the visit”.
Contact: 124 Road 30/4, Quarter 1, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province
Tel: +84-77-3847347