Building Trademark for West Lake Lotus Tea

2:04:37 PM | 7/24/2012

The Department of Intellectual Property has granted a trademark certificate of Quang An lotus tea to West lake lotus tea made by the traditional method.
Quang An precinct has four lotus bogs with an area of 15.5 hectares. 7,500 lotus flowers are collected every day. About 25 families make lotus tea in the precinct. About one tonne of lotus tea is available from each crop.
The lotus flowers that grow on West Lake are unique in both colour and fragrance, they are lighter pink and their fragrance is sweeter.
The growers pour tea into the lotus flowers before tying them up. They wait a few days for the tea to take on the unique fragrance of the lotus flower. It is simple work, but it brings cups of wonderfully fragrant tea to the tables of many families.