Satellite Image Receiving Station Labelled

4:46:35 PM | 8/10/2012

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment recently organised a ceremony to bear an anniversary hallmark on the Page Content satellite image receiving station at the satellite image receiving station, a unit of the National Remote Sensing Centre on the occasion of its 10th founding anniversary. This is an important work which accepts and uses most modern satellite images in the region.
The satellite image receiving station was built in 2008 and formally put into operation in July 2009. It is an important step to gradually specify space technology application and development strategy towards 2020. To date, it has received 49,000 high-resolution SPOT images (2.5 m resolution), more than 320,000 SPOT images (10 m resolution), nearly 1,600 ENVISAT ASAR radar images (30 m resolution) and 154 ENVISAT MERIS images (300 m resolution). Its service covers the entire territory of Vietnam and the neighbourhoods.
This source of images serves land survey and calculation in 2010, forest survey project, sea resource inspection and management, rescue activities, national defence and security, etc.
Do Ngoc