Huge Solid Minerals Reserves Found Offshore Vietnam

2:56:24 PM | 8/17/2012

The General Department of Sea and Islands said scientists discovered huge solid minerals reserves at the seabed after it conducted an examination on this matter. Reserves found at the depth of 30 - 100m off the coast are large enough for industrial production. This is good news amid growing pressures on depleting mineral resources.
According to a report on the issue released by the general department, Cua Nhuong waters in Ha Tinh province and Cua Gianh waters are rich in titanium. Ninh Chu waters in Ninh Thuan province and Ham Tan waters in Binh Thuan province are found to contain natural minerals. Currently, scientists have zoned four areas with concentrated minerals where contain up to 23.688 million tonnes of ilmenite and zircon ores. Waters from Con Dao to Vung Tau hold 88 billion cubic metres of sand used for construction.
Scientists also discovered 27 offshore places to contain hydrate gas - an alternative to oil and coal. Hydrate gas is one of nine clean energy sources for the future.
Do Ngoc