Keyhinge Toys Vietnam Company: Placing Strong Emphasis on Social Responsibility

6:01:17 PM | 3/28/2013

On the occasion the CSR Award 2012 to be held by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) on March 30, 2013, Vietnam Business Forum had an interview with Director Cheng Yung Pun, Keyhinge Toys Vietnam JSC. Tran Mien reports.
To maintain partners, which measures has Keyhinge Toys adopted?
Keyhinge Toys Company Vietnam is a 100 percent foreign-owned corporate (incorporated in Hong Kong, China, 1988) specializing in the field of manufacturing and trading of toys. Although the factory is located in Da Nang, our products are mainly exported to the U.S, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Belgium markets.
As you know, children's toys production is an activity that requires the flexibility of ideas and especially suitablity to the age, sex, national ... Therefore, we attach special attention to development of new models. Besides, Keyhinge Toys always focuses on factors such as: product quality, improvement of production technology, customer service, establishment and improvement of the management system to monitor compliance and build systems.
As a company with large demand of labor force, how does Keyhinge Toys handle with the matter?
The relationship between the employee and the employer usually has some unharmonious points on the benefits, which is apparent in 100 percent foreign – owned corporate and took place in Keyhinge Toys. But we discuss successfully and thereby employees and employers understand each other better.
Currently, Keyhinge Toys has 9,000 employees, and we comply with the Vietnam laws on policy for employees. The company is also trying to improve the lives of employees, improve training for career development and make suitable plan of job allocation.
Over the years, the company has had activities towards the implementation of corporate social responsibility as: facilitating Company’s Trade Union, contributing VND235 million to construction of Oncology Hospital, sponsoring the charity art performances “Lighting love” As a result, the company has received many honors such as: good fulfillment of tax obligations (District branch of tax), excellent achievements in trade union activities (Trade Union of Da Nang Management Unit of Export Processing and Industrial Zone), excellent achievements in business (VCCI).
On the occasion the CSR Award 2012 to be held by VCCI, how do you feel about the award?
Today, the "corporate social responsibility" is becoming more necessary than in the operation of the business and the award is expanding more and more. It is the continuous commitment of a company through its business activities by ethical behavior and contribution to economic development while improving the quality of life of the employees and their families as well as local communities and society in general. The company is not merely a profit organization, but also part of the community. They promote not only the interests of the shareholders, but also for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Keyhinge Toys Vietnam:
Address:Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone, Street 3, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City
Lines of business: Toy manufacturing
Type of corporate: 100 percent foreign-owned corporate
Director: Mr Cheng Yung Pun
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