MM Mega Market Vietnam Co. Honored as “Farmers’ Business”

3:55:58 PM | 11/20/2018

MM Mega Market Vietnam (MM) was just awarded the “Farmers’ Business” title by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). This is a much sought after award presented by MARD to honor businesses that make significant contributions and dedication to rural development, and take the “leadership” role in agricultural restructuring in Vietnam over the past five years.

At the award presentation event, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Ha Cong Tuan highly valued businesses that have been alongside the farmers, sharing best practices and helping to successfully achieve the objective of building an agricultural sector that is smart, globally integrated, resilient to climate change, and sustainably developing.

Representatives of MM Mega Market Vietnam are honored to receive the "Farmers’ Business" award from MARD

Speaking about the first time achieving the “Farmers’ Business” title, Mr. Phidsanu Pongwatana, Managing Director, MM Mega Market Vietnam, beamed: “We are delighted that what MM Mega Market has done for agriculture in Vietnam is recognized by MARD. As a pioneer in growing and developing sustainable supply chains in agriculture, over the past 16 years that we have doing business in Vietnam, we have provided training to more than 20,000 local farmers, fishermen, manufacturers and officials to help them acquire the Global Good Agricultural Practice Certificate, such as VietGap, GlobalGap. This knowledge helps the farmers to be more efficient, improve competitivenes and make more profit in both domestic and export markets.”

“Furthermore, MM also help connect farmers, manufacturers and suppliers with modern distribution systems, ensuring reliable and sustainable outputs not only for 10 domestic centers but also for export to Southeast Asia market”, Mr. Phidsanu added.

In particular, MM has connected farmers, manufacturers and suppliers with modern distribution systems, creating stable and sustainable outputs not only for 19 domestic centers but also for export to the market.

To date, MM Mega Market is running four food product depots believed to be the largest of their kinds in Vietnam, including Da Lat Vegetable Platform, Can Tho Fish Platform, Dong Nai Pork Platform, and Ben Tre Fruit Platform.

MM Mega Market has just launched its Ben Tre Fruit Platform in late October to serve 19 domestic centers and export to foreign markets

MM’s fish platform project in the Mekong River Delta is an exemplary case of public private partnership in sustainable fishery production development in efforts to set up a quality fresh fish supply chain in Vietnam and adding value to agricultural products. Can Tho Fish Platform went into operation in 2011 and is now providing nearly 2,000 tons of products a year across over 400 different fish product items.

Launched in 2005, MM’s Da Lat Vegetable Platform has to date been recognized as one of the few food safety qualified facilities that supply some of the best vegetables and fruits in Vietnam. Covering a 250-ha source area, every year, this depot is churning out more than 12,000 tons of VietGAP qualified vegetables and fruits. At present, MM is collaborating with nearly 300 farming households developing this depot.

The current Pork platform in Dong Nai is an outgrowth of MM's partnership with farmers in Dong Nai raising pigs by VietGAP standards since 2017, and is now supplying MM stores in the southern part of the country nearly 400 tons per month. Not just keeping control throughout the production process, at the slaughtering and transportation stages, MM has also put in use advanced equipment and specialized trucks to guarantee that the products stay fresh and food safety qualified.

Ben Tre Fruit platform was set in motion by MM recently, providing safe and high-quality fruits to MM’s 19-store system across the country, while also serving the company’s goal of exporting Vietnamese fruits to Thailand, China and other countries in South East Asia. Ben Tre depot has planned on enlisting about 100 farming households, mostly in and around Mekong River Delta provinces, including Ben Tre, Tieng Giang, Can Tho, Long An, Tra Vinh, Vinh Long and Dong Thap.

At all these platforms, MM’s capable agricultural engineers get to work firsthand and closely with the local farmers and cooperatives in everything, from seed and breed selection to production planning, harvesting and transporting directly to the depots. Farming households joining the loop will need to maintain a farm logbook, recording in details how they use pesticides, keeping a journal of harvesting work, and conducting periodic quality testing in accordance with MM Mega Market Vietnam’s prevailing norms.

While building sustainable production and supply chains in agriculture for over a decade now, MM has created, through its training efforts, a generation of modern farmers who can meet the requirements of a farming sector in an era of international integration, and at the same time, enhanced the value of agriproducts and exported Vietnamese farm products to international markets.

Nam Pham