Tin Nghia Corporation: Firm Leap Forward

3:34:27 PM | 11/21/2018

Founded in 1989, Tin Nghia Corporation has made great strides to become one of the largest companies not only in Dong Nai province but also in the whole country.

Meeting diverse market needs
After nearly 30 years of operation, Tin Nghia Corporation has become a conglomerate with more than 20 subsidiaries, joint venture companies and affiliates. With annual revenue of dozens of trillions of Vietnamese dong and steady growth over the years, Tin Nghia Corporation has been listed among 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam.

In 1997, Tin Nghia started to engage in industrial park infrastructure and has currently operated eight industrial parks in Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau provinces, covering a total area of 3,500 ha. Its industrial parks are now housing more than 270 tenants with a total investment of US$6 billion.

Since 2011, Tin Nghia has invested and operated a Japanese-styled factory for lease, covering a total area of ​​18 ha. Currently, this facility has been leased to more than 40 tenants who have invested US$36 million, including 28 Japanese companies and the rest from South Korea and Europe. In the coming time, the factory will become “Japanese business village” which gathers Japanese customers to invest in production development.

In petroleum business, starting with only one petrol station in 1999, Tin Nghia Corporation has now become a leading petroleum retailer in Dong Nai province with nearly 50 retail filling stations. The sale philosophy of “right quality, enough quantity, polite service” has made the name of Tin Nghia petroleum business. To boost its strength in petroleum business, the corporation is building a petroleum depot of 180,000 tonnes and a wharf capable of receiving ships of 40,000 tonnes on a 20-ha area in Phu Huu commune, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province.

In merchandise import and export, Tin Nghia Corporation is among top 5 coffee exporters in Vietnam. Since 2003, the firm has been repeatedly recognised as a prestigious exporter of Vietnam by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In early 2017, it started the first phase construction on a 3,200-tonne-per-year instant coffee factory powered by state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Logistics is also a main business of the corporation (launched in 1999). With vast warehouses, including bonded warehouses, a strong fleet of vehicles and a strong well-trained, professional, experienced workforce, Tin Nghia Corporation provides various logistics services such as port warehousing, multimodal transportation and logistics services in Dong Nai province and the southern key economic zone.

Harmonising business with community responsibility
The core values of Tin Nghia Corporation are the harmonious combination of "relationship with customers and partners - relationship with colleague - relationship with the society" based on Tin and Nghia. Tin (creditability) is illustrated through professional work style, respect, engagement and prestige in all transactions and cooperation. "Nghia" is the commitment and compassion towards human values and for stakeholder interests as well as joint development goals.
In addition, success factors of Tin Nghia Corporation are a visionary, capable leadership, a right development strategy and the unity and resolution of all the staff. These are powerful weapons for Tin Nghia Corporation to overcome challenges and hardships to have today successes.
On the path to success, Tin Nghia Corporation always pays special attention to the responsibility to the community and the society. Remarkable community and social activities included building houses for policy beneficiaries; building Nhon Nghia Kindergarten in Thanh Nghia; presenting ambulances to local hospitals; giving construction materials for Truong Sa Island; visiting and presenting gifts to policy-benefiting families and the centre for fostering martyrs’ parents; supporting the Fund for Poverty Reduction, the Dong Nai Scholarship Fund, the Fund for Poor Children Protection and the Gratitude Fund. Besides, Tin Nghia Corporation cooperated with the Dong Nai Radio and Television Station to air the “Together for next generations" programme and the "Joint forces" programme.

The corporation donated over VN5.2 billion to charity in 2017, totalling over VND110 billion since 2010. In the time to come, Tin Nghia Corporation will continue to carry out practical activities to support disadvantaged people.

Guided by a clear strategic approach and the management capacity of the Board of Management, staffed by highly qualified human resources, Tin Nghia Corporation has affirmed its position in the Vietnamese business community on the path to development and integration.