CEO Nguyen Duy Chinh: The Person Advancing Tan A Dai Thanh Globally

11:39:59 AM | 12/20/2018

In over a quarter century of operation and development, Tan A Dai Thanh grew from a small production base to a big corporation. The firm has been going on its chosen path of enriching the nation, reaching out the world market and becoming a leading business group of overall water resources solutions in the region. This achievement came from tireless efforts of entrepreneur Nguyen Duy Chinh, who, in just three years, led Tan A Dai Thanh to go beyond the territory of Vietnam and reach the Middle East market...

From product breakthroughs
25 years ago when the private economy in Vietnam was still fledging, quick-minded Nguyen Thi Mai Phuong made bold decisions, even risky to some people. From 1993 to 1996, she decided to import machines to make stainless steel water tanks. This milestone action stirred up the market and completely changed the way Vietnamese people stored water for use.

After Mr Nguyen Duy Chinh assumed the CEO position in 2015, Tan A Dai Thanh was a leading producer of household metal wares in Vietnam that was striving to find a way to restructure to match with its rising scale in both breadth and depth and bring Vietnamese products to the international market.

Characteristically, traditional commercial channels still bring the largest share of sales of household metal appliances. After its success with stainless steel tanks, Tan A Dai Thanh has continuously expanded in the domestic market.

However, things have completely changed just three years later. 2018 marked Tan A Dai Thanh's top market share of mainstream household metal wares such as stainless steel tanks, plastic tanks, water heaters and solar water heaters. The firm was also the first private business entity to be awarded the First-Class Labour Order by the State.

December 7, 2018, marked a memorable milestone when the container carrying the first made-in-Vietnam water heaters was exported to a foreign country, fuelling the hopes of bringing Vietnamese products to international consumers. Not long before, Tan A Dai Thanh caught the attention of big companies at Big 5 Exhibition in Dubai which sought cooperation to bring Tan A Dai Thanh products to the Middle East market. Representatives of leading UAE distributors exclaimed about incredible modernity, sophistication and quality of Vietnamese products, likely on par with those made in Japan or Europe.

These achievements can be considered superior but, for the second-generation leader of Tan A Dai Thanh, this is just the beginning.

To European standard quality
“A big company not only earns trillions of Vietnamese dong but brings values to millions of customers. I have longed for the dream to bring Vietnamese products to the world and I have realised it now,” said Nguyen Duy Chinh.

Possessing a large-scale factory system, the Tan A Dai Thanh product ecosystem has been continuously expanded from water heaters to plastic pipes, RO water filters and interior and exterior paints. Now, its direct competitors are no longer domestic enterprises but foreign brands which have been well-known worldwide for decades. To enter and dominate big markets and challenge rivals, Nguyen Duy Chinh and Tan A Dai Thanh soon decided to focus on its core values of improving quality and continuously applying the most modern technology to products. Tan A Dai Thanh is the only unit that maintains its strategy and bold direction by leading well-prepared investment for better products and services. The outcome of this ceaseless effort is the No. 1 market share of its 16-year-old Rossi brand, which is strong enough to beat out foreign brands.

The boldness is manifested by the firm’s bold investment in Smart Factory in Ha Nam province, powered by automated precision lines that meet Standard 4.0 and state-of-the-art technologies and machinery imported from Germany. Capable of making more than 2 million products a year, this is a sizeable factory in the region and Tan A Dai Thanh is one of a few units to soon apply modern science and technology to production such as automation and cloud computing. This investment will help Rossi water heaters, which are currently represented by Rossi Arte brand, to have a huge competitive advantage in the market when it comes to quality and price appealling to consumers.

The current challenge is Vietnam's standards are far behind the world class. Tan A Dai Thanh dared to enterprisingly invest in foreign modern technologies and look to international quality standards. As a result, in November 2018, Rossi Arte was the first Vietnamese water heater to meet European standards, certified by Cotherm Group for efficiency and safety in the context that many water heaters encountered serious faults.

Tan A Dai Thanh, led Mr Nguyen Duy Chinh, always upholds the corporate culture, actively innovates professionalism and improves product quality, ambitiously aiming to become a world-class social enterprise.

“As a leading business, our greatest success is probably the support of Vietnamese people who accept Tan A Dai Thanh products as a Vietnamese product and support Tan A Dai Thanh as a domestic enterprise. This gives the business an equal opportunity and fair competition with foreign competitors,” said Chinh.

Firm belief, bright mind
Tan A Dai Thanh is a 25-year story on the path to regain domestic consumer trust and to build up a great ambition to bring Vietnamese wisdom and brand name across five continents.

With its modern production lines, strong financial resources and well-established brand name, Tan A Dai Thanh is expected to become a globally renowned supplier of total water resources solutions in the next five years.

Time will tell how Tan A Dai Thanh performs but the ambition is well grounded, looking from its development path to date. From a small production base, Tan A Dai Thanh has become a giant business entity with a broad distribution network and a modern plant system that many businesses desire. But, Tan A Dai Thanh and CEO Nguyen Duy Chinh seem never satisfied with current successes.

“Our success is still ahead and far from fruition. All is just the beginning,” he concluded.

Duy Thanh