Prime Minister Urges Enhanced Cybersecurity

2:07:18 PM | 6/17/2019

The Prime Minister recently issued Directive 14/CT-TTg on ensuring cybersecurity to raise Vietnam’s ranking performances.

The directive states that Vietnam's Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is still not high. According to the unofficial ranking in March 2019 (for the period 2017-2018), Vietnam ranked 50 out of 194 countries and territories assessed, ranking fifth out of 11 countries in Southeast Asia.

Therefore, the Prime Minister asked public agencies, organizations and SOEs to deploy measures to ensure network security, address shortcomings, and raise Vietnam’s GCI rankings.

Internet and telecom service providers (ISPs) are responsible for establishing and consolidating specialized information security units in charge of network security to shield their systems and customers; taking part in supporting state agencies and organizations to monitor, protect, inspect and assess network information security under the coordination of the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Thu Ha