Young Poong Electronics Vina Co., Ltd Invests in New Project at Dong Soc Industrial Complex

9:31:54 AM | 12/18/2019

Going into official operation in January 2017, Young Poong Electronics Vina Co., Ltd, based in Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park, is a wholly South Korea-invested manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards - FPCBs (excluding one-layer and two-layer boards) and surface-mount technology (SMT) boards. The company is the first in Vinh Phuc province to be certified as a high-tech support enterprise in the development priority plan.

With its ongoing efforts to overcome hardships, the company has gradually affirmed its brand and reputation in the market; stabilized and developed manufacturing operations; increased revenue and profit year by year; and generated more new jobs for workers. Currently, the company has two manufacturing plants with a total area of over 12,000 square meters. The monthly output averages over 33,000 square meters.

After three years of operation in Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park, Young Poong Electronics Vina Co., Ltd has decided to invest US$200 million in a new factory in Dong Soc Industrial Complex, Vinh Tuong District.

Although the infrastructure system in Dong Soc Industrial Complex is still being built, Young Poong Electronics Vina Co., Ltd has completed land-lease procedures. The new ​10-ha facility will help the company to raise its monthly output to 140,000 square meters, generate thousands  of jobs and increase its revenue by 60% compared with that in 2018. The plant is expected to go into official production in 2020.