TAL Vietnam Builds Safe, Friendly Working Environment

9:33:20 AM | 12/18/2019

With the view that employees are partners of the company, Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TAL Vietnam), based in Ba Thien II Industrial Park, always focuses on building a safe and friendly working environment; ensures all benefits and best conditions for employees to increase incomes and innovatively contribute to the company, helping TAL Vietnam achieve success.

VNG Factory (TAL Vietnam) is the second of its kind of TAL Apparel Group in Vietnam after the first in Thai Binh province. VNG, the largest and most modern factory of TAL Group, always adheres to high quality and sustainable standards in the garment industry. The factory design meets green environment standards and is certified LEED GOLD certificate of the United States - the proof of a clean and pleasant working environment for workers. The company regularly organizes training courses on occupational safety and sanitation, fire and explosion prevention and fighting for all employees; invites professional firefighters to teach fire prevention, firefighting and emergency escapes twice a year. At the same time, the company fully ensures all benefits for employees; promotes emulation movements. The factory clinic, covering over 200 square meters, is fully equipped with medicine cabinets, medical sterilizers, waiting chairs, and single patient beds to serve workers.

In the coming time, TAL Vietnam will continue to expand the scale of its factory in Vinh Phuc to more than 100 lines to make 16 million products a year and generate nearly 7,000 jobs. The company will turn the manufacturing factory in Vinh Phuc into a pioneer by scale and technology of the group in the region and the world.