WHA Spreads the Warmth

1:38:06 PM | 12/23/2019

WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC recently organized a CSR activity called “WHA Spread the Warmth” in the Nghi Long and Nghi Thuan communes, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province. The WHA Team paid a visit to senior members of the community to distribute gifts and bring them cheer.

Mr. David Nardone (front), Group Executive Industrial and International of WHA Industrial Development PLC, accompanied by the Nghi Long commune committee representatives, paid a visit to poor households in Nghi Long commune

WHA’s CSR committee visited Mrs. Dien, 95, who lives with 5 generations in her family’s modest home in Nghi Long commune

Mr. Nguyen Huu Duc (center), General Director of WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC and the Nghi Thuan commune committee representatives, visited Mrs. Nguyen Thi Vinh in Nghi Thuạn commune

The CSR committee showed their concern for the general health and welfare of the elderly in this community and shared their suggestions on overcoming challenges, staying active and living a happy life.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hien, 80, lives alone in a small house in Village No.1, Nghi Thuan commune. She does not receive any assistance her relatives.

WHA brought gifts, including warm blankets and basic groceries such as cooking oil and canned food, to the lonely elderly residents of Nghi Long and Nghi Thuan communes.

Although the gifts were simple and modest, the activity brought a compassionate message to encourage older community members to continue playing an active role in society. The happiness and warmth shared during the visit has motivated the WHA CSR team to continue building its relationship with different communities.

WHA is grateful for the enthusiastic support of officials Nghi Long and Nghi Thuan communes, and for the information, they provided on the situation and needs of vulnerable households in their communities. 

This is one of four CSR activities of WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC in 2019.  WHA CSR Team looks forward to working in close association with other authorities and departments to initiate more meaningful programs in the near future.