Ben Nghe Port Aiming to Become Logistics Hub of HCM City

11:18:33 AM | 12/19/2019

With the competence and experience cultivated in more than 30 years of operation, Ben Nghe Port has increasingly affirmed its brand position and its important role in the industrialization, modernization and international economic integration of Ho Chi Minh City in particular, and the Southeast region in general, thus making a significant contribution to the overall development of the city.

Well-established brand

Ben Nghe Port is located on the right bank of the Saigon River, adjacent to Saigon Port and Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone (TTEPZ). This is an important hub for imports, exports and domestic cargo circulated in Southern provinces and the whole country. Through many stages of investment and development, Ben Nghe Port has significantly expanded its capacity and operation scale. When it was founded in 1987, the port had only 88 meters of K14 jetty and 2,880 square meters of warehouse. At present it has 816 meters of piers (capable of handling vessels of 45,000 DWT), nine warehouses covering a total service area of ​​10,080 square meters, a general yard system covering ​​200,000 square meters capable of accommodating 550,000 MT and a container yard system of about 67,000 square meters.

To develop seaport and logistics services, in the past time, Ben Nghe Port has focused investment funds on modernizing equipment systems and facilities, building warehouses, repairing piers and container yards, upgrading technical infrastructure, upgrading management capacity, and training human resources for better performance. In addition, Ben Nghe Port has cooperated with Saigon Newport Corporation to serve container ships at Phu Huu Terminal and joined hands with Tan Cang Shipping (affiliated to Saigon Newport Corporation) to expand domestic container operations to gradually grow its brand “Ben Nghe Port Logistics” and meet basic requirements for 2PL (Second Party Logistics) logistics services for customers. Thanks to its intensive investment in facilities and technology together with promoting cooperation and association, the operating scale and capacity of Ben Nghe Port has been increasingly upgraded. In 2018, the port achieved cargo throughput of 6,616 million tons, revenue of VND439.6 billion, and a pre-tax profit of VND129.99 billion.

Particularly, as for management, Ben Nghe Port has invested and deployed the computer network system and applications for port management and operation. Besides dispatch management, bulk cargo management and Pacific accounting programs, since September 2010, the port has successfully launched and operated GTOS Container loading and unloading operation management software system to enhance port performance and meet demands by agents, shipping lines and customers to boost competitiveness. Ben Nghe Port has promoted customer attraction, service quality improvement and customer service attitude to create a good impression on customers and help it draw more new potential customers.

Keeping up with the digital age, Ben Nghe Port has been investing in wireless application development and portable computers to enable on-site service. This system enables it to run real-time operation of port services, enhance port performance and better meet rising customer demand. Moreover, further applying modern information technology to production and business operations will help Ben Nghe Port increasingly sharpen its competitiveness and move toward a green port model characterized by reduced pollution and greater environmental friendliness.

Actively grasping opportunity

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thao, Director of Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd, said a current advantage of Ben Nghe Port is its established brand name in the market being known and trusted by customers. Cargo throughput is on the rise, especially for break bulk cargo (iron and steel and equipment) because some ports in District 7 had to be relocated to Hiep Phuoc Area in accordance with the Urban Transportation Development Planning Policy while Ben Nghe Port has not been planned for relocation. In addition, Vietnam's participation in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and entry into a series of free trade agreements (e.g. the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership - CPTPP), the EU - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement - EVFTA and the EU - Vietnam Free Investment Protection Agreement (IPA)) will help shape a favorable environment and bring golden opportunities for Vietnamese logistics service providers in general and Ben Nghe Port in particular which can confidently prove its competence and growth to assert its market position.

Capturing this opportunity, in the coming time, Ben Nghe Port will further develop its core business of port services (loading and unloading, warehousing, freight forwarding); focus on speeding up and facilitating logistics services and other value-added services, which will center on the core of logistics services. From this approach, Ben Nghe Port will gradually increase the share of container cargo, bulk cargo and other bulk cargo; and focus on developing package logistics services, bonded warehouse services and warehousing services. By 2025, Ben Nghe Port will become a general port with the largest throughput and a logistics hub of Ho Chi Minh City. “To realize the set goals, the Board of Directors of Ben Nghe Port Co., Ltd is looking forward to receiving the full attention, support and guidance of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People’s Council and the Municipal People’s Committee to bring stability and growth, helping promote socioeconomic development of Ho Chi Minh City and the Southeast region and making HCM City a region-class and world-class city of seaports,” he stressed.

B.H (Vietnam Business Forum Magazine)