TH Group Innovatively Adopting Environment-friendly Input Solutions

2:07:56 PM | 12/18/2019

Driven by the business philosophy “Do cherish Mother Nature, She will give you all” and the vision towards an environment-friendly and sustainable business, TH Group, the owner of TH true MILK brand, has become not only a trailblazer in fresh milk production, organic agriculture and high-tech agriculture, but also a leader in seeking and applying solutions to use environmentally friendly consumer materials and renewable biomass.

TH Group recently announced that it has launched straws made from advanced IngeoTM PLA and BioPBSTM bio-plastics. This environmentally friendly material is made from plants such as maize, cassava and sugarcane. Besides, the group continues researching and applying paper straws and will develop this solution widely in the future.

Before adopting this solution, TH Group impressed the fast-moving consumer goods industry with a series of initiatives/solutions using environmentally friendly consumer materials. One of these initiatives/solutions is the movement to stop using plastic bags at TH true mart stores, replacing them with bio-plastic bags from May 2018, stopping the use of plastic yogurt spoons, and replacing them with bio yogurt spoons from October 2018. In particular, in June 2019, TH Group joined eight leading multinational companies and other leading Vietnamese businesses to set up the Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO Vietnam) with the goal of making a green, clean and beautiful Vietnam by creating a circular economy, recycling 100% of packages of products sold to the market.

The replacement of plastic straws with biological straws is one of the solutions that TH Group follows to realize the roadmap of minimizing disposable plastic products. This solution has been successfully implemented since June 24, 2019, first applied to the UHT Fresh Milk TH true MILK TOPKID formula purely made with organic fresh milk.

Therefore, TH Group has become a leading dairy firm in Vietnam using environmentally friendly straws instead of conventional plastic straws, helping alleviate the burden of disposable plastic waste in Vietnam and the world.

Given the fact that 8.3 billion disposable plastic straws pollute the environment worldwide (2018 data of the United States National Association of Marine Laboratories), TH Group's solution to use straws made from bio-plastics is considered a very good option.

TH Group’s straws are made from IngeoTM PLA (Polylactic Acid IngeoTM 2003D) and BioPBSTM (Polybutylene succinate BioPBSTM FZ91) materials sourced from corn, cassava, sugarcane and other plants which are renewable resources. This is a big advantage of these straws over those made from traditional plastic made from fossil fuels like oil - a finite, non-renewable resource.

PLA bio-plastic production and straws made from this material also have less impact on the environment by consuming less energy from non-renewable resources (such as oil and coal) and generating lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional plastics. While straws made from conventional plastics take hundreds of years to decompose, TH Group’s environmentally friendly straws, made from bio-plastics, take only about 6 months under industrial composting conditions to decompose into water, CO2 and humus for soil, thus causing no harm to plants.

TH Group’s all environmentally friendly straws are imported from Bio-Eco, one of Asia’s leading manufacturers of eco-friendly products, based in Thailand. The milk straws are manufactured by advanced technology. IngeoTM PLA ingredient is certified to be biodegraded under industrial treatment conditions in accordance with the strict European EN 13432 standard granted by DIN CERTCO, and BioPBSTM ingredient is certified to be biodegraded under industrial treatment conditions in accordance with the European EN 13432 standard granted by Vincotte.

Furthermore, IngeoTM PLA is also certified to meet two other US standards: Biodegradation certification in industrial compost conditions granted by BPI based on ASTM D6400-12 and 4-star “OK Biobased” granted by TÜV Austria based on ASTM D6866 - the highest star grade of this certificate for articles with an ingredient content of renewable resources of 80% or higher. DIN CERTCO, Vincotte, TÜV Austria and BPI are the world's leading prestigious certification agencies in this field. Bio-Eco’s straws fully meet safety standards for materials in contact with food of Vietnam, certified by the Ministry of Health (QCVN 12-1:2011/BYT), and are thus completely safe for users.

Using biodegradable straws, made from bio-plastics, is the next step in the “Do cherish Mother Nature” and sustainability itinerary adopted by TH Group. The pioneering introduction of environmentally friendly straws will have a positive impact on awareness and actions of the business community and the public, encourage customers to change behaviors, and help environmental protection.

Understanding the true value of nature, desiring to bring good things and “true happiness” to human beings, taking least from nature and returning the best to nature, using eco-friendly plastic straws is TH Group’s next step that affirms its leadership and pioneering position in environmentally, naturally friendly products for the sustainable development of the people and the ecosystem.

Le Hien