MM Mega Market Launches First Retail Brand MM Super Market in Vietnam

10:34:38 AM | 12/26/2019

MM Mega Market Vietnam Co. Ltd (MMVN) on December 25 officially launches the first retail MM supermarket in Vietnam, namely MM Super Market Thanh Xuan in the basement of Imperial Plaza Building at 360 Giai Phong road, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

Having a total area of 7.000m2 with more than 10,000 products, MM Super Market Thanh Xuan is expected to become the ideal shopping destination to highly meet the demands of Hanoians.

Sharing the strength of new retail brand MM Super Market, Mr. Bruno Jousselin, Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam said: “With strong foundation as the leading wholesale for the past 17 years, we can leverage our strength in quality fresh food products and extend in our supermarket. We understand that food safety is one of the top concerns of consumers, and we want to bring this strength to serve the fresh and safe food demand of customers.”

In addition to inheriting the advantages of the MM Mega Market wholesale system, MM Super Market retail brand also inherited the experience of operating nearly 1,000 Big C outlets and stores in Thailand. Therefore, besides the supply of safe foods, diversified goods, competitive prices, customer services is also the strength of MM Super Market Thanh Xuan retail supermarket.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin, Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam is speaking at the opening ceremony

Sharing about development strategy of MM Mega Market Vietnam in the coming time, Mr. Bruno Jousselin said: “Our goal is to maintain our solid position as the leading food supplier of HORECA and become the best retailer in the Vietnam market. In 2020, besides the expansion of the B2B platforms, we will open new supermarket and launch new food service concept compact cash and carry store, develop virtual stores to provide products to remote areas/cities, innovate marketing and sales on e-platform … to bring the utmost convenience to customers. In 2020, we plan to open three MM Super Markets in the big cities.”

Fresh and safe foods the strengths of MM Super Market Thanh Xuan

Operating in Vietnam market since 2002, MM Mega Market has built infrastructure and modern standards. Over the past 17 years, the company has continuously improved modern product supply chain, connecting directly with farmers and local producers with modern distribution channel, ensuring the supply of goods distributed in 19 MM centers nationwide, with 90% of domestically produced goods.

As the food supplier for nearly a million professional customers, including restaurants, five-star hotels, canteens in Vietnam, MM Mega Market is currently running four food product platforms. Covering a 250-hectare source area, every year, Dalat vegetable platform is churning out more than 12.000 tonnes of VietGAP-qualified vegetables and fruits to serve consumers nationwide.

On the opening day, MM Super Market attracted a large number of customers to shop

Having been in operation since 2011, Can Tho fish platform provides 2.000 tonnes of output per year. In 2017, MM Mega Market Vietnam built pork platform in Dong Nai, currently supplying more than 250 tons of clean and safe pork every month. Moreover, Ben Tre fruit platform provides MM’s customers nationwide with safe, high-quality fruits was put into operation by the end of 2018.

 “In order to build MM Super Market to become a reliable food shopping destination for all Vietnamese families, we are going to put into operation a pork platform in the North. In the coming years, we also plan to build the first MM chicken platform in Vietnam with the goal of bringing a comprehensive solution for fresh and safe food for customers, strictly controlled by international standards of food safety quality”, Mr. Bruno added.

In parallel with expansion and domestic development plan, from 2018, MM Mega Market started exporting Vietnamese agricultural products to foreign markets. This year, the company has exported 1.000 tons of Vietnamese agricultural products to Thailand.  MM will expand market to Asian countries on famous fruits and vegetable products from Vietnam in 2020.

In August this year, MM Mega Market Vietnam officially signed Memorandum of Understanding with Viet Nam Ministry of Industry and Trade on promoting connection, Vietnamese goods consumption through the MMVN’s distribution system, as well as supporting Vietnamese goods export to foreign markets.

Recently, MM cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Industry & Trade for the first time to organize “Vietnam Fair in Thailand 2019” at Big C Supercenter, Bangkok. This event aimed to contribute to promoting trade opportunities between 2 countries and help Vietnamese enterprises to export Vietnamese goods to Thailand market. In addition, MM is also willing to support OCOP suppliers to introduce and display product in the MM centers. This activity is intended to support and add value to local products.

Nam Pham