Ensuring Food Safety and Hygiene in Industrial Parks

10:34:05 AM | 1/2/2020

Shift meals for workers play an important role in ensuring worker health, regenerating labor force, and improving labor productivity and work performance. Therefore, ensuring food safety and nutrition of shift meals in company kitchens is paid special attention to by tenants in Vinh Phuc industrial parks.

Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd based in Khai Quang Industrial Park, Vinh Yen City has more than 5,700 workers. Every day, its kitchen serves four shift meals with more than 7,000 rations. In order to provide shift meals for employees, the company has signed a catering contract with an outside independent company. Cooking is done right at the company's kitchen in a one-way process. With the motto “Staff is a valuable asset of the company”, Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd always cares and appreciates shift meals for employees. Daily menu is built to ensure nutritional balance, suitable for each weather condition. Meals are always changing and made full and nutritious for employees. The thoughtful preparation of each meal is also creating trust and helping workers more devoted to the company.

Established in 2011, Haesung Vina Co., Ltd based in Khai Quang Industrial Park has more than 4,000 workers. Every day, the company's kitchen serves two shift meals, catering more than 2,000 main meals and more than 1,600 supporting meals. The company signed the meal catering contract with The Thinh Co., Ltd. Cooking is done right at the company's kitchen in a one-way process. The food provided for each meal is contractually delivered and certified for safety. Water supplied to the kitchens is always controlled and guaranteed in quality. The meal menu is built by season, balanced in nutrition, and prepared suitable for each job. The dining hall is fully furnished with tables, lights, fans and air conditioners. At the company kitchen, storage cabinets store food samples of each shift for 24 hours under the law. In particular, to assure employees of meal quality, the Trade Union of the Company established an internal control team joined by health workers, managers and workers to perform inspection and supervision of importing food and cooking. Since its establishment, the company has not witnessed any food poisoning incidents.

Currently, Vinh Phuc has more than 300 collective kitchens in industrial parks. In order to ensure food safety and hygiene of shift meals, to ensure that 100% of catering units must have food hygiene and safety certifications, Vinh Phuc Food Safety Bureau continues to strengthen communications to disseminate knowledge and laws on food safety and hygiene to prevent food poisoning of laborers, employers and collective meal providers at collective meals; strengthen inspection and examination of collective kitchens in order to detect and strictly handle violations; launch a study on food safety and hygiene realities and solutions at collective kitchens in industrial parks in Vinh Phuc province” to seek specific solutions for better State management on food safety and hygiene of shift meals for workers.

Ha Phuong (Vietnam Business Forum)