Tourist Stimulus to Leverage Dong Thap Province’s Development

10:22:38 AM | 12/16/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has “landed painful blows” on most economic activities and hurt many businesses. At present, the pandemic has been well placed under control, its consequences are still “threatening the existence” of many businesses. To overcome this hardship, they need a boost to transform themselves and return to the most powerful business race. Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock Company has boldly invested in growth factors to, together with the local tourism industry, solve accommodation quizzes and add new bright colors to the picture of Dong Thap tourism to catch the fancy of tourists far and wide. In particular, the hospitality industry promises to bring many tangible and intangible values ​​to change the face of the Pink Lotus land.

High-class Sao Mai Hotel has the honor to welcome the State delegation led by General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong during his working visit to Mekong Delta provinces

Tourist stimulus - New actions in old fashion

Many Mekong Delta localities have restarted the second phase of the tourism stimulus program when all activities are gradually returning to their trajectory. However, Dong Thap Tourist opted for “new actions in the old fashion” rather than follow the path of the first stimulus. More than anyone else, the company understands that domestic customers are a source of revenue and they necessarily enjoy worthy treatments. This approach will create a strong boost to the development of local tourism industry.

Minister Nguyen Ngoc Thien affirmed “Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, the tourism industry is determined to achieve the dual goal of preventing the pandemic and developing effective and sustainable tourism” to realize the objective of developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector”. Responding to the above decision, a series of discount programs with a higher class of service quality has been launched.

Time-honored Huynh Thuy Le Mansion - a harmonious combination of Vietnamese - French - Chinese architectural styles - attracts visitors to Dong Thap province

The company focuses on tapping the domestic customer market and regards this as backing support for fast business recovery. The company has introduced affordable new products and services such as sunlight tour, western discovery, and river tour and ensure absolute safety for visitors. In addition, Dong Thap Tourist Company also offered affiliated tours, cooperated with key tourist sites to create unique tour chains with stunningly cheerful team building activities for tourist groups. Countryside ecotourism and green tourism trends promise to create a new impetus in the coming New Year holidays.

In the second response scenario - the pandemic is completely controlled, tourist companies will speed up approach to key potential international tourist markets as Vietnam has been recently listed as a world-top destination after the Covid-19 pandemic by the famous travel magazine, Travel + Leisure. Many newspapers from the United States, Australia, Germany, France, and other countries described Vietnam as a good example of Covid-19 pandemic prevention, thereby leaving a good impression on international visitors. Great experiences in the safe tourism paradise of Vietnam will be a great choice for foreign tourists. However, promoting “outbound” tours will be the next goal because customers are willing to reward themselves with luxury tours like Mount Fuji - Tokyo - Narita, Zhangjiajie - Fenghuang Ancient Town, and Singapore - Malaysia - Indonesia.

Growing in scale and quality

An extraordinary leap always comes only after an uncontrolled slide. Indeed, the success of a business is weighed and measured by how it is led and managed to survive and become stronger in the marketplace. 2020 marked a six-year effort to grow in scale and quality after Sao Mai Group, a professional tourism investor with a sharp vision on potential development, successfully restructured and spent more than VND200 billion developing high-quality human resources. With solid support from Sao Mai Group - the parent company, Dong Thap Tourist has made a big leap in tourism infrastructure development. Typically, the company renovated and upgraded 3-star Bong Hong Hotel and 4-star Sao Mai Hotel to meet tourist needs for upscale accommodations.

Bong Hong Hotel - Golden leisure destination for tourists to experience professional and classy services

Sao Mai Hotel and Bong Hong Hotel are leading accommodation facilities to launch tourism stimulus in Dong Thap province. The two hotels offer direct discounts of 15-20% of room service and dining for customers until the end of 2020. Mr. Tong Duy Minh, Director of Bong Hong Hotel, said, "Despite giving a high level of stimulus, the service quality of the hotel is still maintained high for customers". Located in the most beautiful center of Dong Thap province, both hotels - the most prominent in the class - are chosen by the majority of tourists because of their luxurious, modern design, airy view, preferential leisure services, and local specialties. Restaurants and hotels run by Dong Thap Tourist Company are really the ideal destinations for tourists when visiting the Mekong Delta.

Dong Thap is beautiful throughout the year. Surrounded by vast lotus fields, peaceful countryside landscape and green tourist attractions promise to satisfy all visitors. Dong Thap Tourist is moving quickly to finish the full-year target. Its steady steps have brought values, ​​not only economically but also socially, gradually made the company a leader of Dong Thap tourism.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum