Tenants in Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Aggressively Overcoming Difficulties

9:28:18 AM | 10/14/2021

To successfully prevent the COVID-19 pandemic and foster stable production and business activities at the same time, as guided by the Prime Minister and the Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee, businesses in Vinh Phuc province-based industrial parks have actively worked out suitable production and business plans to adapt to the new situation.

The complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic caused some provinces and cities across the country to apply social distancing measures, which restricted mobility and impeded socioeconomic development projects, and this hurt the domestic consumer market of A My Industry Joint Stock Company in Thai Hoa - Lien Son - Lien Hoa Industrial Park, Lap Thach district. To cope with emerging difficulties and challenges while applying measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the company completed procedures and conditions for expanding export markets to the United States, the United Kingdom (UK), Germany and other nations, to maintain its manufacturing operations and ensure jobs for over 1,800 employees.

Exedy Vietnam Co., Ltd in Khai Quang Industrial Park gave top priority to COVID-19 pandemic prevention. The company flexibly operated and organized adaptive production in the new normal. Accordingly, Exedy has strengthened measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic; taken care of employee health, worked with partners to reconfirm orders and delivery progress; actively sought and sourced input supplies; arranged and restructured the organizational model with lean and scientific production lines; mobilized and arranged appropriate labor, equipment and machinery for each period to ensure appropriate production and business as scheduled and planned.

A company representative said the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant impacts on the company's business operations, including short-term shortages of labor and inputs for production. Besides, the cost of COVID-19 pandemic prevention places financial pressures and burdens on it. However, Exedy is still determined to maintain stable production and business activity to ensure jobs and income for its employees. In 2021, the company targets revenue of more than VND500 billion, 5-10% higher than in 2020. With its active and innovative approach, Exedy still achieved business results as expected in the year to date and guaranteed jobs and incomes for all employees.

Sharing and supporting businesses to overcome difficulties, Vinh Phuc province has been carrying out measures to support businesses as per the Government's Resolution 105 on support for enterprises, cooperative and business households amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reviewing, studying and considering financial support measures for companies affected by the pandemic: Cost of disinfecting spray, bus services and employment; water and electricity bills, eased mobility requirements for experts and workers; and prioritized vaccinations for workers in Industrial Parks. The province also set up a working group to directly assist the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee to receive information and reports on arising difficulties from enterprises to have prompt and effective solutions.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum