Awakening True Value

4:01:46 PM | 12/21/2021

It is not coincidental that the forecasts of the seafood market after the epidemic are assessed by investors and experts towards the words "true value". The basis for giving these signs of prosperity comes from a fairly long time that businesses have been suppressed by Covid. Observers say that it is time to refresh so that true values can be awakened.

IDI is busy exporting goods at the end of the year

Digging sand to find gold

Only recently, when the Chairman of the Board of Directors of a certain company just announced the sale of more than 12 million shares, it immediately "collapsed" but not long ago this code was also "the top of the top". That shows how great the influence and the management role of that "Chairman" is.

After many wobbly sessions outside of the subject's measurement, in recent days, that stock code has continuously turned green again, making everyone happy. Once again the "flat-eyed" righteous investors do not understand what is  going on with the stocks they love and work so hard to nurture. Investors are expecting the true value of a leading enterprise in Vietnam's seafood industry to wake up to assert itself.

Profile is not an ordinary one.

That company was established in 2007 and is a key member of the large Group (Sao Mai) in the South. The unit has been assigned by the parent company to manage an industrial zone (IZ) with an area of nearly 30 hectares, located in an extremely favorable location, with a modern, clean, beautiful architectural space, with 4 facades, convenient land and water traffic.

Sao Mai Industrial Zone managed by IDI has a wide frontage facing the water

Sao Mai Industrial Zone is planned separately, gathering a chain of satellite companies in ASM's system with a continuous feature: Fish meal - fish fat processing factory for export; Sao Mai Superfeed aquatic feed processing factory. IDI alone has 2 factories with 3 processing workshops, with a total capacity of 450 tons of raw fish/day, 2 frozen storage warehouses with a capacity of thousands of tons. The most impressive is the leading factory in the region with Europe's most modern technology, refining pangasius fat into 100% premium cooking oil from fish (Ranee).

IDI Company's general operating headquarters has a scale of 13 floors

Operating a chain of production factories in the whole area with about 8,000 workers is a team of professional leaders and managers who are brave, experienced, well-trained and very flexible with reality. Those thousands of people have dedicated themselves to creating the level of an IDI who always knows how to conquer new achievements. IDI has made a very active and effective contribution to the export of Vietnamese pangasius, the brand has gone beyond national borders to bring the taste of Mekong products to the world.

Some investors who visited the golden land exclaimed: “A very large property of the company with a profile that is not of the average kind. The image of an IDI is both beautiful and superficial, but the Board of Directors has not paid much attention to active communication. Therefore, investors do not understand much about this company, making the IDI face value still under the true value of a famous seafood enterprise. Meanwhile, looking back at some enterprises in the same industry, their internal strength, scale and value cannot be compared with IDI but their stock price is high”.

Objectively, the true value of a business is properly recognized through the double crisis period called nCovi. Regardless of the time, the head of the organization performing and having direction will be the correct measure. Indeed, IDI has proved that truth by operating through 4 months of the epidemic season with "3 at the same place", injecting full doses of Vaccine for thousands of employees. At the same time, IDI had time to stockpile warehouses up to 1,400 billion VND of cheap pangasius price (VND 17,000 - 18,000/kg, now increased to nearly VND 24,000/kg).

Place of high-class cooking oil brand Ranee

Few people know the true value of IDI, which is also reflected in the fact that it has invested in large-scale real estate projects in Thot Not (Can Tho), Lap Vo (Dong Thap), Binh Long (An Giang) with total investment capital of more than 5,000 billion dongs.

Obviously, IDI is converging many factors with high standards and that is also the reason why the company leader must take care of soft values to change and renew, creating a beautiful appearance for the business.

Sao Mai Superfeed 

Recently, Chairman of Sao Mai Group informed: "IDI needs to pay attention to capitalization, increase competitiveness, be ready to join the global value chain. ASM will invest more heavily in this company in many aspects so that Vietnam's seafood industry needs pioneers, then IDI can do great things."

Hung Anh (Vietnam Business Forum)