Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Co., Ltd: Significant Contribution to Local Development

2:50:11 PM | 11/1/2022

Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Co., Ltd is a leading constructor of traffic projects, especially bridges. Its projects have changed the face and enriched the country in general, and Hai Phong City in particular.

Bach Dang Bridge is constructed by Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Co., LtdKey projects

Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Co., Ltd was established in 2007 with an initial registered capital of VND60 billion. After 15 years of construction and development, the company has to date increased its registered capital to VND200 billion and expanded its investment scale and fields: Manufacturing wood pellets from planted forests as an alternative to coal used to fuel thermal power plants with a chain of factories in the center of acacia growing areas - and sustainable forest development approach for forest owners; collecting and treating municipal solid waste and industrial waste; real estate; and mechanical processing.

In a bid to build a better community and society, the company has focused on large-scale projects across the country and is gradually moving to foreign markets. Its bridge, freeway, environmental treatment and manufacturing projects have helped develop infrastructure and attract more investors to provinces and cities. Typical projects include Bach Lam Bridge that links National Highway 37 with Noi Bai - Lao Cai Expressway, Hung Ha Bridge, Viet Tri - Ba Vi Bridge that connects National Highway 32 with National Highway 32C, Co Luy Bridge in Quang Ngai province, Cua Hoi Bridge that interlinks Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces, and Cua Luc 1 Bridge in Quang Ninh province. Any project is guaranteed with three criteria of "Safety - Quality - Progress" to build up the trust of investors.

In Hai Phong City, Trung Chinh is part of many projects like Bach Dang Bridge, Hoang Van Thu Bridge and EXIA bid package for Hanoi - Hai Phong Highway. Bach Dang Bridge, which has a total length of nearly 5km and has four traffic lanes for vehicles to run at a speed of 100 kmph, is a key connector on Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh traffic route. Once completed, the project will play an important role in the inter-regional transport system that will help promote its advantages and create a driving force to magnetize investment flows for localities along the route.

Mr. Tran Quang Viet, General Director of Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Co., Ltd, said, led by the working principle of "Prestige - Quality - Aesthetics - Progress", the company is always strict and meticulous in every implementation process in order to bring products of best quality, highest aesthetics, fastest progress, highest safety and highest efficiency for each project.

Accordingly, the company has constantly invested in modern and advanced machinery and equipment. Currently, Trung Chinh has a system of workshops to manufacture construction materials, with the capacity of machinery and equipment being enough to meet project requirements. Besides, the company is staffed by experienced, active and creative employees.

In addition to business development, Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Co., Ltd pays special attention to building and maintaining corporate culture as one of core corporate factors. The company has become a second common roof for all employees who always feel assured to be devoted to the sustainable development of the company.

Growing up with the port city

Hai Phong City is located in the northern key economic region. As one of the largest cities in Vietnam, only after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong is known as a growth pole of the key economic triangle, a center of the Northern Coast, a gateway to the sea for the north and an important position in national security.

Resolution 45-NQ/TU of the Politburo assigns Hai Phong City the goal of building and developing Hai Phong into a leading city in the country in the cause of industrialization and modernization; modern and synchronous transport infrastructure, which is conveniently connected to domestic and international markets by road, rail, sea and air; key logistics services; an international center for education, training, research, sci-tech application and development, and marine economy.

Sticking to this goal, Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Co., Ltd has focused on carrying out large-scale projects, especially inter-regional traffic projects, which play an important role in local socioeconomic development.

In May 2022, Trung Chinh was selected to construct Ben Rung Bridge over Da Bach River to link Thuy Nguyen District of Hai Phong City with Quang Yen Town of Quang Ninh Province. This important project helps reduce the distance across urban areas such as Quang Yen, Uong Bi and Thuy Nguyen. This traffic axis along with inland waterways and seaways will form a continuous transportation system that creates a driving force for symbiotic development, from merchandise trade, tourism services to human resource supply. Immediately after obtaining the project, the company together with contractors fully prepared human and material resources to ensure project quality and schedule and quickly put the project into operation to support local and regional socioeconomic development.

Remarking on the Hai Phong investment environment, General Director Tran Quang Viet said that the local investment and business environment is increasingly open and more favorable for investors. The city has a synchronous and favorable infrastructure for mobilizing workers, materials, machinery and equipment. Leaders of the City People's Committee and relevant agencies regularly hold dialogues with investors, with focus placed on reforming administrative procedures for quicker and more effective settlement to better serve businesses.

“The strength of Trung Chinh in Hai Phong is construction. The company continues to make every effort to successfully implement more projects in the coming time, thus not only building community values and creating a humane and open working environment, but also supporting the growth of the port city," he affirmed.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum