Diageo Vietnam Contributes to Hospitality Industry Development through “Learning for Life” Training Program

5:49:54 PM | 1/10/2023

Diageo Vietnam (DVL) has launched the “Learning for Life” training program for laborers. The program was held for the first time in Vietnam in Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province, attracting 85 laborers in the area to register. Attending the event were leaders of the People's Committee of Thang Binh District, the Division of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs of the district, and representatives of related agencies and organizations.

The “Learning for Life” training program for laborers was held for the first time by Diageo Vietnam in Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province

“Learning for Life” is an initiative by Diageo to launch on the global scale. The program is aimed to help equip business and hospitality skills for those who are seeking employment in the hospitality industry, and disadvantaged people that may have faced barriers to employment in their lives. “Learning for Life” sets a target to train at least 50% female trainees in each season. The program provides equal access to business and hospitality skills and resources to increase the employability, improve livelihoods of the trainees, and contribute to a thriving hospitality sector.

Ms. Huynh Thi Thanh Truc – Corporate Relations Director of Diageo Vietnam, said: "Diageo Vietnam launched the ‘Learning for Life’ program in the central region where the hospitality industry sees a strong growth. Besides, the demand for employment in the local area is increasing, especially after the pandemic, laborers need additional soft skill training for personal development, then giving them more confidence to access more employment opportunities. With the launch of the ‘Learning for Life’ program in Quang Nam, Diageo Vietnam wants to create more employment options, contribute to enhancing the quality of laborers, improving livelihoods of local people and promoting economic growth and sustainable prosperity.”

Mr. Nguyen Duc Binh – Deputy Secretary of the Thang Binh District Party Committee of Quang Nam Province spoke at the event: “We highly welcome Diageo Vietnam to launch the ‘Learning for Life’ program in Thang Binh district, Quang Nam. The program is expected to bring positive results in employability skills training, creating career development opportunities for laborers, thereby, supporting the local authority to improve people's lives, and promote the development of the service industry."

The ‘Learning for Life’ curriculum includes such barista skills as skills to serve all kinds of drink, serving and recommending skills, responsible serving with DrinkiQ (positive drinking and raise public awareness of the risks brought by alcohol abuse) message to customers. In addition, trainees are equiped with life skills, e.g. effective communication skills, teamwork, wellbeing, time management, confidence and assertiveness. All skills contribute to a firm base for each student to strive to more potential career opportunities in the future.

Diageo Vietnam will cooperate with governmental departments, educational and training organizations in local areas to further expand the "Learning for Life" program to other provinces and cities to support the growth of the individuals involved in particular, the hospitality industry in general, as well as actively contribute to economic development in local areas. The content of the program will be tailored to be suitable with the target participants and organizing situation of each season. Recognizing the enthusiastic support, and willingness to have meaningful activities for the local from Thang Binh district, together with great development potential of the hospitality industry in the Central region and a high demand for personal and career development from people after the pandemic, Diageo Vietnam organized the first season of "Learning for Life" in the region. The company hopes these will be the prerequisites to further develop the program for next seasons, and continue to spread the value of equal access of learning to young people in Vietnam, thereby, making a more prosperous hospitality industry, a better society in the future.

The trainees got the Certificate after completing the “Learning for Life” program by Diageo Vietnam

“Learning for Life” is a project in the Spirit of Progress 2030 of Diageo Global. Diageo wants to create a positive impact in the company, with the communities and for society with targets in activities such as promoting positive drinking, champion inclusion and diversity, and pioneer grain to glass sustainability. Through the program, Diageo Vietnam continues to affirm its vision of a humanistic business who is truly dedicated to build a better future for all.

B.H (Vietnam Business Forum)