Greater Efforts for Stronger Growth

11:07:58 AM | 1/16/2023

“We need to work harder every day to grow stronger,” said Mr. Truong Chi Binh, Deputy General Director of Saigontourist Cable Television Company (SCTV), in an interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum. Customer service is a duty, and customer satisfaction is a great encouragement promoting SCTV to work harder and grow stronger every day.

SCTV is honored as one of the 100 most sustainable companies 2022

First of all, I would like to congratulate the company for being honored in the Program for Benchmarking and Announcing Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam (CSI Program) 2022. How do you feel about this achievement in the context of socioeconomic volatility in 2022?

Like other winners of sustainability awards in 2022, I feel very honored and proud. 2022 is perhaps a year of joy and success for SCTV. In early November 2022, SCTV was honored with the National Value Award. In early December 2022, it was named Top 100 Sustainable Company 2022. Being named a sustainable business is a recognition of our relentless efforts. In fact, this is the second time that SCTV has won this title. This title is an opportunity for SCTV to enhance its reputation and brand, attract human resources and create new business opportunities by increasing the trust of partners, investors and customers, helping develop sustainable strategic business and enhance its competitiveness in the current context of international economic integration.

Could you please introduce your outstanding achievements in 2022? How has the company achieved them?

COVID-19 pandemic-caused underperformance caused many companies to suffer shrinking sales, and cut staff and payrolls to reduce costs and maintain operations. A lot of companies even went bankrupt. In that context, SCTV promptly adopted many flexible response solutions, and specially prepared a plan to deal with the crisis. Thanks to its initiative and the consensus and sharing of all employees, the company overcame difficulties, made new achievements and contributed to society.

Although our business results did not meet expectations, the company fulfilled 95-105% of the targets set for 2022. SCTV still ensured a stable income for employees, policies and holiday rewards such as Tet, April 30, May 1, September 2, or International Children's Day. Defining that people are key to every success, SCTV pays special attention to taking care of the material and spiritual life of employees to build a common roof for the SCTV family. To become a leading provider of communication and telecommunications services in Vietnam and develop strongly, SCTV has overcome numerous difficulties and challenges. However, with the solidarity and devotion of all employees, besides the right leadership of the Board of Directors with wise and bold decisions, SCTV has gradually grown steadily and affirmed its own position in the market.

CSI Program administered by VCCI is a prestigious program highly appreciated by the business community. To win the CSI Award, businesses must meet many strict conditions. How have you been striving to be qualified for this title, and more importantly achieve our own sustainable development?

As I already said, this is the second time SCTV has won the Top 100 Sustainable Business Award. Not all companies can meet the strict criteria of the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI). Since its first participation in 2020, SCTV has determined that sustainable development is what all businesses aim for. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand and stick to CSI criteria, from which they can apply such criteria to their activities to achieve sustainable development.

SCTV established a special working group with division managers, led by a deputy general director. The working group is responsible for advising and assisting the General Director to carry out the corporate sustainability strategy and enhance corporate competitiveness; directing and coordinating departments and branches throughout the company to execute the corporate sustainability strategy; developing and implementing criteria on sustainable development and competitiveness improvement; monitoring and evaluating the implementation of sustainable development goals and targets; consulting with partners, stakeholders and the community to work out strategies and plans; and making sustainability reports.

Although CSI 2022 has been upgraded to be more complete, up to 68% of CSI indicators are related to regulatory compliance and 32% of indicators are about sustainable business initiatives. With the close supervision of the working group, everything has gone on track as expected and we are certified as among the Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in 2022 as a result.

What solutions will you continue to apply for a more stable and sustainable business as the world is entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The world is advancing the Fourth Industrial Revolution with many cutting-edge tech breakthroughs that have impacted all aspects of life and opened up many opportunities for countries, especially developing countries like Vietnam. The revolution has not only unlocked opportunities but also posed challenges that require Vietnamese companies to have strong innovations to live through.

Communication and telecom are contributing significantly to socioeconomic development although competitive pressures are enormous. In the current period of digital transformation, along with increasingly rapid and powerful technological development, communication and telecom companies must always actively boost innovation, research and development to lead new technology trends. Only then can we effectively catch up and exploit great opportunities to create a strong position for our businesses in the "whirlwind" of Industry 4.0. Consequently, companies will develop in a sustainable way.

As a leading communication and telecom firm, SCTV is no exception to this trend. We always remain steadfast to five main strategic areas: CONTENT - COVERAGE - TECHNOLOGY - ADDED VALUE - AFTER-SALES SERVICE. Specifically, we will build special and unique CONTENT based on local culture to be distinctive from competitors; expand COVERAGE to serve all people across the country and overseas Vietnamese; invest in TECHNOLOGY, apply the most advanced technologies to create outstanding products of stable quality; enhance customer satisfaction and maximize return on investment through ADDED VALUE by developing multiple value-added services on existing technical infrastructure; and have a good AFTER-SALES SERVICE and be dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional in customer care.

SCTV is a service business and every activity is for all. We see customer service as a duty and customer satisfaction as a great encouragement for SCTV to make more efforts for stronger growth every day.

Thank you very much!

Source: Vietnam Business Forum