Experience Korean Food at MM Mega Market during “Taste of Korea" Program

2:39:35 PM | 3/17/2023

On March 17th, 2023, MM Mega Market Vietnam officially kicked off the "Taste of Korea" at MM An Phu, with the honorable presence of Ms. Kim Mi Yeon – Consul at Korean Consulate General and Mr. Cho Sung Bae – Director of aT Center in Ho Chi Minh City.

The "Taste of Korea" will take place for 14 days from March 16th to 29th, 2023 at 12 MM stores nationwide. During the program, customers have the opportunity to experience a "journey" of discovering the Korean flavors through exciting activities, including sampling Korean products, shopping with attractive discounts, and especially, enjoying the Korean cuisine made by MM's professional chefs at weekends.

The Korean gastronomy has long been popular and become a favorite taste of Vietnamese customers. The Koreans emphasize the quality of fresh ingredients and cooking methods that bring high nutritional value to their dishes. At the same time, the rich flavors of Korean food art come from an exquisite combination of ingredients and spices. In addition, Korean drinks, notably rice water, rice wine, and soju, are particularly favored by youngsters in Vietnam.

With the desire to bring the distinctive Korean gastronomy closer to Vietnamese households, "Taste of Korea" gathers nearly 200 signature products that showcase the authentic taste of Korean cuisine such as fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and seasonings, beverages, as well as diverse instant noodles and kimchi from famous brands (e.g., Koreno, Ottogi, Jinro, Chumchurum, Korice, O'food, Haechandle). This aims to turn household kitchens into mini-Korean restaurants with various specialties and attractive discounts for imported products. In particular, discounts ranging from 10% to 20% are offered on nutritious agricultural products, including Korean lingzhi mushrooms, fresh Korean ginseng, fruits such as crispy Korean apples, Korean Fuji apples, and various types of noodles. Additionally, in "promotional item" offers deep discounts of up to 20%-40% on nutritious drinks such as Woojing probiotic water and Pororo drinks, as well as Korean sauces.

Furthermore, MM Mega Market organized a customer panel for 40 professional customers, notably Korean restaurants on the first date of the event on March 16th. Through the event, MM Mega Market’s brand ambassador – Chef Cam Thien Long (Steven Long) shared different cooking recipes with Korean ingredients distributed at MM Mega Market.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin – Managing Director of MM Mega Market cum Global Sourcing shared: “MM Mega Market possesses a diverse product portfolio in food category and always ensures the best products quality imported from different countries around the world. With the “Taste of Korea”, we strive to bring the abundant and high-quality food from the homeland of Kimchi closer to our professional and household customers, promoting the unique gastronomy of this country. This is the second year that MM Mega Market has organized the Taste of Country. Through the program, we firmly believe that the "cultural exchange" between countries will attract tremendous interests from our customers”.

Van Luong (Vietnam Business Forum)